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Job Opportunities and Scope after MBA

MBA is undoubtedly the most sought after degree as it enables students to transform into a complete professional with a skill set required by the employers. It is one degree that plays an important role in your growth and development, and helps you be an integral part of a business. MBA opens the door to a successful career in Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, Event Management, and others. But it is important for you to do proper research on jobs and scope after MBA to be able to make a decision.

Benefits of pursuing MBA:

  • Students pursuing MBA gain skills that are relevant to lay a foundation of a successful career and set up an entrepreneurial venture.
  • Students pursuing a specific specialization can hone their skills and gain expertise in that sector.
  • Students are given an opportunity to explore the market which opens them to the job opportunities abroad as well.
  • Specializing in a domain helps students enhance their brand value.

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Career Scope and Jobs after Various MBA Specializations

Career Scope after MBA in Entrepreneurship:

MBA in Entrepreneurship facilitates learning on the management of innovation, entrepreneurship and venture development from foundation to advanced stages and simultaneously enables students to apply their entrepreneurial skills in real-life situations, validate ideas, build innovations, test the market and build a successful venture out of it. Companies, nowadays, are also seeking widely young professionals with creative and entrepreneurial bent of mind.

Career Scope after MBA in Finance:

MBA in Finance is a popular MBA specialization with tremendous growth prospects in Banking, Financial Services & Insurance sector, and opens up job opportunities in Corporate Banking, Corporate Finance, Credit Risk Management, Hedge Fund Management, Asset Management, and Sales and Trading.

Career Scope after MBA in Business Analytics:

MBA in Business Analytics is a specialization field focusing on teaching students on how to gather data from multiple sources and analyze it by using different analytical tools (data visualization, quantitative and statistical analysis, predictive and explanatory modeling etc.). MBA Business Analytics graduates have a wide career scope in sectors like E-Commerce, Healthcare, Financial Institutions, Research Firms, Information Technology etc.

Career Scope after MBA in Marketing Management:

In MBA in Marketing Management, the key goal is to teach students about sales, brand marketing, market research, consumer behavior, different marketing channels & techniques etc, and opens up job prospects in the areas of Customer Relationship Marketing, Product and Brand Management, Advertising Management, Online Marketing, Retail Management, Business Marketing, Competitive Marketing etc.

Career Scope after MBA in HR Management:

MBA in HR Management focuses on recruitment and talent management towards maximizing the performance of the employees to accomplish the goals of the organization. It teaches students how to acquire the right skills, best industry practices, and knowledge of how to manage human resources in ways that guarantee optimum benefits. HR Management graduates can explore a plethora of employment opportunities in the HR department of any company, maybe manufacturing companies, IT companies, law firms, advertising firms, retail companies, media houses, newspapers etc.

Career Scope after MBA in Operations Management:

MBA in Operations Management revolves around optimizing everything related to the business operations, including manufacturing time, product quality and cost, boosting customer satisfaction quotient and enhancing overall productivity. Inventory management, Purchase management, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Vendor management make up the supply chain and operations management of a business. Graduates with this specialization usually find themselves working in sectors like Manufacturing, Logistics, Transportation, Construction, Retail, Hospitality, Financial Institutions, and Management Consulting etc.

As an MBA student, you constantly challenge yourself and learn new things, and once you’ve earned the respected qualification that speaks volumes about your perseverance, business skills, and professional credibility, then it will be the time to turn opportunities into tangible career outcomes.

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Starting Salary of an MBA Professional

An MBA Professional as a fresher can expect an average salary of INR 3 LPA. Graduates who have got a job in Finance, Marketing, Data Analytics, HR and Operations Management are some specializations with highest starting salaries.


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