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Is Todays Teacher an Ideal Guru?

In our country Guru- Shishya Parampara (tradition) denotes a succession of teachers and disciples in traditional Indian culture. Far beyond the passing of information to the student from teacher, it is a spiritual bonding and mentoring in traditional Indian culture were holistic and higher level teaching is transmitted from Guru to a disciple. In today’s context “guru google” has changed the concept of information which is merely gathered minus learning. No doubt there is a mad race for achieving better grades to fulfill the ambitions but that does not mean that the Teaching Temples can do away with the teachers who believe in their culture and deep rooted values. On the contrary today’s teacher has to play a vital and tougher role as the times are changing fast.

Accepting flowers and cards on Teachers’ Day must transmit some currents in a teacher to look within and ask oneself if he fulfills the following three levels of responsibility to be named Guru in the literal sense. Foremost important is to know the student individually. As the teacher’s familiarity with understanding grows, the potency of his teaching/ advice deepens proportionately. The motivational push with affection for a disciple can command respect.

Secondly, are we the role models for students? We need to practice and the preaching will happen on its own.  An everlasting good impression on the minds of students can guide them throughout their lives.

Lastly, today’s teachers has to invest a lot more in sharpening his skills and brushing up the knowledge because of powerful media and availability of fast changing information technology.

A heart full of compassion, disciplined personality and a head loaded with brilliant sparks can make one a true Guru who needs no awards apart from the respect and recognition from his students. Our country can boast of such teachers even today.

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