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Become An Effective Communicator!

We cannot think of life without communication. Communication is central to everything. Whether it is phone calls, messages, chatting or face-to-face interaction, we are involved in communication in some way or other. Even while we are reading our favorite book or listening to music, we tend to visualize scenarios in our minds. This is also a part of communication. So, we better learn the tricks to become a better communicator.

Pursuing degree in Mass Communication, Media Studies and Journalism, hones one’s communication skills and offers job opportunities to create, disseminate and broadcast communication, in carrying out all the important business of political, economic, business, legal and opinion making. Programs provide learning in the theory, skills and techniques of interpersonal communication and broadcast media that give confidence to the student, to overcome shyness and stage phobias. They are also prepared to face the world with knowledge, technology and facts. Courses in Media and Journalism provide more than just classroom learning. There is practical training in every aspect that helps one to become a better communicator!

Top 5 skills to become a Better Communicator

1) Writing Skills: Writing is an art of using words perfectly to express ideas, thoughts or emotions. It is definitely not so easy as it requires a good command over the language, grammar, and vocabulary. This course will teach you about this!

2) Effective Speaking: To express yourself well, you must learn how to talk. A lot of times, we feel shy to talk our hearts out. Studying Journalism will make you an extrovert. You will be given practical training in anchoring, reporting which will enhance your speaking skills.

3) Presentation Techniques: A communicator would always want the undivided attention of the audience and presentation skills are very important for that. This course would provide a platform to improve and enhance these skills through continuous learning and practice.

4) Listening skill: A good communicator is always a good listener. Listening skills are pivotal for maintaining personal as well as professional relations. So, you better learn it here!

5) Team & Conflict Management: While working in a team, conflicts are bound to happen, and communication is the key to manage this. Communication expertise helps us to work efficiently and positively in a team which is the growing need of the professional world today.

Written By:- Ms. Ankita Bharti, Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, FMeH

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