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Are You a Fashion Enthusiast?

In today’s world, the significance of Fashion Communication as a subject of education is increasing day by day. But there is a lack of knowledge about what this subject entails. We often do not know about the plethora of career opportunities Fashion Communication offers and how it is different from Fashion Designing. It is exciting to study the subject going beyond the stereotypes related to the world of fashion and to understand how it is an inevitable part of everybody’s daily lives. Whether you want to become a Fashion influencer on YouTube, a Fashion Journalist for a magazine or a Fashion Photographer, it is the subject called Fashion Communication that provides the opportunity in the right direction.

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The subject not only focuses on learning skills like blogging, branding, writing or styling but also dives deep into our psychology related to fashion; how it impacts our socio-cultural lives and more importantly, how we communicate non-verbally through Fashion, either knowingly or unknowingly. If you aspire to become a Fashion Professional, qualities like creativity and experimenting with ideas can be valuable. If you are a confident, adventurous and a wee bit risk taking, this profession can work take you to the top provided you are passionate about fashion. Currently, this subject forms an essential part of Media Studies where you learn essential techniques and tools like reporting, advertising, PR, Event Management and so on. There is a lot to explore when we see Fashion as a form of communication and it is fascinating to unfold its layers.

Written By:- Ms. Somya Sharma Assistant Professor, J&MC (FMeH), MRIIRS

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