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after btech cse

What to do After B.Tech CSE?

The B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering is focused on providing foundational knowledge and skills to the students. This includes knowledge of core subjects as well as introductory content for advanced areas. Students learn such skills as programming, communication skills, presentation skills, teamwork, and project development, which are aimed at producing a lifelong self-learner and a good individual with a team working ability. However, the degree lacks in imparting education related to ethics and morality.

Scope and Career Options After B.Tech CSE

After completing B.Tech in Computer Science, a student has a choice to opt for a career in the IT industry or be an entrepreneur. He can also go for higher studies in India or abroad, and qualify to become a school teacher or a college/university faculty member. Having achieved the necessary qualifications, he can also go towards research. Below are options you can choose from, after completing B.Tech in computer science.

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Career in IT Industry

IT industry in India is booming with the advancement in technology. Many IT companies, having recruited students from various institutes of repute, find the need to provide training to these new recruits, for a certain amount of time and with specific skills, to perform in their work environment. This includes companies such as Infosys Ltd., which runs the Campus Connect program, Wipro and Tata Consultancy Services, to name a few.

Top job Profiles for B.Tech Cse Graduates in IT Industry

The job profiles available to these newly recruited personnel are in the areas of programming

  • Website development
  • App development
  • Software testing
  • Software quality assurance
  • Database administration
  • Data science
  • Research

A Career as an Entrepreneur

As a young entrepreneur, a B.Tech CSE graduate can go for establishing a startup, which is based on a new invention, a patent or an innovation, in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Security and Cryptography, Database Management, Quantum Computing, Mobile Computing, and so on.  The Government of India today supports new startups by providing seed money for establishing them.

Apply for Higher Study

A B.Tech graduate can go for higher studies by attaining a Master’s degree, which is usually Master of Technology (M.Tech) in India and is named as Master of Science (MS) in countries abroad. Some of the preferred destinations of Indian students, who wish to complete an MS degree abroad, include USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia. A B.Tech graduate can also go towards completing a Master in Business Administration (MBA), to sustain a managerial level job in the IT industry. Having completed a Master’s degree, students can go for a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree to pursue a career in teaching or research as discussed below.

Eligible for Teaching 

Teaching is another good option for a B.Tech student after he completes the minimum qualifications for becoming a teacher. A school teacher in computer science must have a graduation degree, and/or a master’s degree and the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree. A college/university job begins at the level of an Assistant Professor, for which the University Grants Commission (UGC) has laid down the minimum qualification to be a Ph.D. degree following a graduate and a master’s degree.

A career in research demands the ability to think innovatively on original ideas. This career option also requires a Ph.D. degree although the option does not restrict a B.Tech graduate from doing research. Research related jobs are also available in the IT industry in large organizations, which invest in new and innovative ideas. The latest directions of research in computer science include robotics, machine learning, e-waste management as a part of green computing, Blockchain, Security, Big Data, the Internet of Things, besides others.

Thus, overall there are multiple career options available for a B.Tech graduate in Computer Science and Engineering.

Written By:- Dr. Sachin Lakra, Department of Computer Science and Technology, MRU

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