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Tip For Students Preparing for IAS

The fact that UPSC examination aims to test not only the candidates subject knowledge but also his understanding and interpretation combined with his moral and ethical standards, makes it one of the most challenging national level examinations. An officer selected into the Indian Administrative Service gets exposure in very diverse roles like a collector, commissioner, head of public sector units, chief secretary, cabinet secretary etc. Not only the experience and challenges but also the scope of making positive changes in the life of millions in India makes IAS a unique career choice.

Let us look at the few habits that every IAS aspirant should develop:

 Proper Time Management

In order to be successful in the IAS, time management is crucial. Since you only have about 12 months from the time of starting your preparation in May/June to the actual Prelims in August next year, it is essential that you plan your schedule in advance for these 2 months and then break down this period into smaller parts between paper 1 and paper 2, keeping adequate time in hand for taking mock tests. You should divide your preparation time between Paper 1 and Paper 2, devoting more time to Paper 1 as it is more scoring and will determine your chances of qualifying for the Mains exam.

Reading Only What’s Important

There are a few books that have been suggested and which are the most essential books for Prelims and Mains. Nothing less and nothing more than what is required to achieve success in the IAS.

Making Micro Notes

Obviously, everyone has class notes and other printed notes to refer for IAS preparation. However, making your micro notes that are handy and can be revised quickly and easily is crucial for success in the IAS exam. You can make notes on flip cards that you can go through 15-20 days prior to the Prelims or Mains and even refer in between two papers. These notes should be crisp and to the point. You can make a gist of the main points for a topic. For instance, effects of climate change on tropical countries like India or Salient features of Revolt of 1857 etc.

Attempting Mock Tests

No matter how well you prepare, if you don’t test yourself before UPSC tests, your preparation will not bear the fruits you deserve.

All the best!

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