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get out from corona virus dilemma

Students Admission Dilemma- selecting institution/country due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Closure of Institutions, Uncertainty regarding conduct of exams, unavailability of internship, Economic paralysis and no clarity of jobs due to spread of Corona virus pandemic, causing stress among most of the student’s fraternity, education loan taken by them is also adding to strain them further.

Those either enrolled in Foreign Universities or intend to take admissions in higher education are in doldrums. Where to take admission, which country to go for? Whether to confine to their native country? Or delay their education till ambiguity gets cleared? There is a big gloom as what to do or what not to do?

To sort out the dilemma, Prof Dr. Amit Seth, presently Professor with Manav Rachna Education Institutions, thought to pen down his point of view. Dr. Seth has vast experience of academia and corporate life. He has spent 25 years in industry in senior level positions and from last 10 years professing Strategy and Entrepreneurship and has handled various administrative roles in academia.

 When going gets tough, it is better to confine yourself within the means you have, rather than taking aggressive decisions, better to wait and watch, remain calm and compose. It is a time to introspect yourself and time to upgrade the skills with the resources available to you within the proximity and with the least cost without burdening yourself with any additional financial loans in terms of Educational Loan.

Though there cannot be any one successful mantra which evades all your confusions in present situation; but author has tried to dwell out some practical suggestions for all those seeking admissions in higher education.

  1. Remain at your native place and close to your family: It is observed that during Corona virus spread, thousands of students got stranded either at hostels or at Airports. Food, sheltering, logistics, conveyance and health became major issues. Sometimes priority of life is more important than anything else. Look into the distress and pain your family members go through and can’t do anything, any help as they remain apart miles away. In era of uncertainty, it is advisable to remain unite and remain with your family, which is possible only when you are taking admission in your country only.
  2. Remain in India, Its economy still better and job opportunities are available:  As per one report published in Investopedia (Article: The top economies of the word by Caleb Silver), India is the fastest-growing trillion-dollar economy in the world and it is the fifth-largest overall, with a nominal GDP of $2.94 trillion. India has become the fifth-largest economy in 2019, overtaking the United Kingdom and France. Economic recession is a global phenomenon due to Covid-19, but India is poised to grow with its economic pillars which are well grounded. Rather to enter in the country whereby economic conditions are versioned and weaker it is better to stick to your own country- India, which has largest base of consumption and full of opportunities.

  3. Look for better Return on Investment (ROI), Placements and Scholarships: All institutions furnish their placement details; look into the investment you are making on fees and what return you expect in terms of salary package you avail through campus placements. Besides that institution provides various scholarships on the basis of your academic performance, qualifying test, entrance test or on the basis of your participation at national or international level participation in sports activities. Avail these scholarships with best of your abilities.
  4. Real Life exposure, Critical thinking and problem solving learning: Rote learning may provide degree; but not make the person successful, Join the institution which provide you real life projects, industry training, and interaction with corporate officials. Look for the place whereby you get a platform to express, dwell into solving problems and where you may able to sharpen your critical thinking.
  5. Turn your passion into reality: Do what you enjoy and pursue your interest, your education/degree may be stepping stone for your job; but if you are really looking forward to build a career, you have to get focus where your passion lies. Joining most reputed institution, does not guarantee success. You have to look for the institution which helps you to excel in your passionate area, which can facilitate you to achieve what you aspire for.
  6. Ability of Institution to quick transit to online learning facilities: Carona virus has impacted our livelihood, our education and our health too. In this era, it is better to upscale your learning and enhance your skill. Search for the University, which is well versed in providing quick transition to online learning.
  7. International Tie-ups: Now days, it is not necessary to go abroad for getting international degree. Most of the well reputed foreign Universities have alliances with Indian Universities. Their programs are mapped by both the Universities, so that one can avail degree which has international accreditation. You not only get foreign recognized degree at Indian cost but can expect working visa and job opportunities globally thereupon. Not only foreign professors come to teach you; but you also get an opportunity to visit Foreign Universities for a year or for a shorter period as per your choice. So it is a time to explore possibilities of admission in Indian Universities which provide international tie-ups.
  8. Innovative and creative thinking, opportunity to start your venture: Look for the Universities, which have Innovation and Incubation Center within campus. Be a Job creator. Give shape to your business idea. Institution not only provides the help in form of mentoring, hand holding, getting your idea patented; but also provides grants and office to start your venture. Select your choice of University, whether they can give you an ample opportunity to innovate, develop your critical thing and to stand on your feet.
  9. Ranking and recognition: It is pre requisite, to know whether the institution you are opting, has all requisite recognition, accreditations from Government regulatory authorities and by industry. Look for the ranking also as admission decision you are taking, has repercussion on your whole life.
  10. Infrastructure, facilities, culture and value addition probabilities: Your upbringing depends upon the culture, company, surroundings and the means you can access upon. Whether your University provides safety, good hostel accommodation, Library, Wi-Fi facilities, Sports facilities, Cafeterias and foremost thing is value added courses such as Foreign language courses, personality development program and societies/Clubs like Theater, Music , Literary, media or Social Responsibility? These are some structure which moulds you to be successful in your endeavor.

Written by:- Prof. (Dr.) Amit Seth, Director – Admissions MREI

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