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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000

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Skilling Opportunities at Moot court committee

A moot court is essentially a mock courtroom experience, that gives students the liberty to freely interpret legal provisions and apply the law to practicalities of daily life.

Who We Are

The Moot Court and Debate Committee (MCC) has been a part of the Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University since its inception. It is a student-run initiative under the guidance of a faculty in charge, which seeks to train students in the art of mooting. The purpose of the committee is to facilitate, regulate and foster the mooting and allied activities of the College in a just and fair manner to harbor a research interest, mold and sharpen the techniques of oral advocacy, and refine their legal drafting skills.

Functioning of Moot Court Committee

The members of the MCC collaborate with faculty members in-house and organize special training workshops and moot competitions to enrich students of all batches with the mooting experience. Through the sessions, students learn how to make memorials, and present their arguments as oral submissions. This requires students to conduct comprehensive research, apply legal principles to the facts, and cite different sources of law. Students will be able to analyze the facts of the case, identify the issues, and conduct research to draft their arguments. Oral submissions give a platform to students to present their research in a structured manner. They are expected to cite the cases and apply the principles of law to the facts. Students will be able to structure and methodologically present their arguments. They will be able to answer questions posed by the judges.


Importance of Moot Court Sessions

Moot Court is a court proceeding practiced at law colleges and institutions to make students familiar with the oral proceedings that take place in real courtrooms. Mooting helps in the overall development of a law student to become a proficient lawyer with exceptional argument skills based on law. It inculcates discipline among the students and enhances their speaking and legal skills. Mooting helps students understand the importance of arguing passively in front of the judge and learn to work under pressure to reach the goal.

New Initiatives by Moot Court Committee

The Committee does not limit itself to intra-college activities. It also trains students for national and international moot court competitions. It regularly organizes inter-university moot courts, debates, and case presentation competitions. The newly launched initiative by the MCC is “Legal Vignette – the Online Case Presentation Competition” which witnessed the participation of over 20 teams from different colleges across the country.
The Committee also invites renowned practitioners and advocates, such as Ms. Neeti Shikha and Mr. Tariq Khan, to conduct training workshops for the students of the Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna. The students of the Faculty of Law have made the department proud by winning laurels, including awards of Best Speaker and ranking among the Top 10 in National Moot Court Competitions.

Written By:- Ms. Chaitali Wadhwa, Research Associate, Faculty of Law

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