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Career Opportunities after Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science is one of the most popular degrees in India as it opens doors to various career opportunities. Many times students contemplate the question ‘What to do after B.Sc.?’ or ‘What career to choose after B.Sc.?’ The major advantage is that B.Sc. graduates have a range of choices available for higher education in terms of subject and topics.

B. Sc. students can take up further studies in either science or in a non-science field like Information Technology, Hospitality, Law, Social Work, and others. Students who want to make a shift from the conventional medical and engineering courses after B.Sc. and wish to pursue different career options can take up these courses in their further education after completion of their B.Sc. Aside from this, students can also specialize further in their respective B.Sc. concentration like zoology, botany, physics, chemistry, computer science, and among many others.

Career Options after B.Sc

There is a whole spectrum of employment opportunities available after the completion of a B.Sc degree. Aside from the lucrative jobs available after B. Sc. a student can also pursue a career in research and development. Thereby, the scope of B.Sc, post-completion, is excellent.

After gaining a holistic understanding of concepts, students have wide career options after B. Sc. Here are various options that one can pursue after completing their B.Sc:

Post Graduation

One can go for one of the various postgraduate courses after B.Sc. like M.Sc, MBA, Masters in Data Science, B.Ed, and other PG diploma courses in various specializations.


There is another option where instead of going for another degree course after B.Sc. students can go for fellowships as they will get stipend along with a hands-on experience which will give them a fresh perspective about which career field to choose. Some of the popular fellowships are

  • Gandhi Fellowship
  • Teach For India
  • Young India Fellowship


Some people might be wanting to go abroad and work in fields like Research, PR, making government policies, for them doing an internship is the best option before diving into these careers as the internship will give them a fair bit of idea of what to expect from these career options. At that moment, an internship offers them a great opportunity to explore something new and unconventional.

Science and Creativity

There are various discoveries happening in science everyday. To communicate those discoveries through various graphs, charts, infographics and any other creative medium requires people with science background as well as someone having knack for creativity and somebody having both will be a perfect  fit for the job. Also for those who have interest in history along with science can look for a job in museums or can become archaeologists

Top job profiles in Science and Creativity

  • Research Analyst
  • Marketing Executive
  •  Archaeologist
  •  Historian
  • Data  scientist

Science and Agriculture

Post the completion of B.Sc., one can choose courses like agriculture and environmental sciences which opens up doors for jobs in government projects like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. One can also become an auditor for environment or a forest officer in a forest department of the state. Therefore, doing an environment and agriculture course post B.Sc. opens up the options to work in the government sector as well.

Top Job Profiles in Science and Agriculture:

  •  Agriculture officer
  •  ICAR scientist
  •  Agriculture Analyst
  • Seed Technologist
  • Forest Officer

High Paying Jobs after B.Sc

Depending on the student’s specialization, a range of job options are available after B. Sc. A specialized B. Sc course gives an edge over the regular B. Sc course in terms of employability. Here is the list of jobs available after B. Sc based on specializations: 

Biological Technician Forensic Expert
Wildlife Biologist Forensic Linguist
Biochemist Toxicologist
Healthcare Scientist Ecologist
Clinical Scientist Field Investigator 
Pharmacologist Psychologist
Biomedical Scientist  Lab Technician
Biophysicist  Virologist
Actuary  Industrial Microbiologist 
Bioinformatics Scientist  Medical Microbiologist 
Research Scientist  Nurse
Software Developer Nutritionist 
Hardware Developer Physiotherapist
Dietitian  Biostatistician
Food Scientist  Research Assistant


Salary after B. Sc course

After B. Sc, a fresher can earn somewhere between 3 LPA to 5 LPA. After getting some years of experience, the salary ranges between 4.5 LPA to 16 LPA. 

So, contrary to the popular belief that one can only enter either teaching or research field post B.Sc., it is very much possible to choose a different career option and develop new skills and expand your choices.

Written By :- Ms. Seema Aggarwal Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Manav Rachna University

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