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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Roadway to becoming a global citizen!

With the massive pace of globalization, urbanization and liberalization, the world is slowly but surely becoming a global village and all of us are citizens of this emerging world community. But are we really global citizens in true sense? Are we moving ahead with the world? Or are we lagging behind due to the remarkable speed of this entire process? One way to catch up is to run along and run far. But how? The answer is obvious – learn what the world knows, know where the world goes! 

Embracing different cultures

The diversity of cultures needs to be celebrated rather than looked upon as challenges. If one is not able to communicate with people from other countries, language becomes a hindrance to creating new and positive relations. On the other hand, having the ability to communicate with others in their own language creates a bridge to fill the gap between people from diverse cultures. Learning a new language not only helps us understand and learn a new culture it also makes us sensitive towards differences in cultures. It makes the learner a complete package.

Sweeping Opportunities
In today’s world with blurring boundaries, there is an urgent and expansive need of foreign language experts. Experts are required in the field of translation, interpretation, tourism, international organizations, embassies, mass communication, teaching, media, etc! With globalization of Indian economy, many multinational companies are coming to India and are hiring foreign language experts to build a strong communication network for smooth business transactions. Thus, learning a foreign language not only satiates the desire for learning but it also offers lucrative avenues to generate handsome earnings.

Honing skills and talent

Learning a language helps in developing a profound and symbiotic understanding of different countries, traditions, lifestyles, etc. It also provides a platform to rebuild one’s own self by honing various life skills. One becomes more prepared to face different challenges and moves ahead faster in one’s own career. Learning a language is like learning a sport, wherein the early you start the better you become at it. Studies suggest that learning a new language makes one’s brain sharper and improves one’s analytical abilities.

To learn a new language is to learn a new culture. A new language is a new life! Hence to make language learning affordable, accessible and available to everyone Manav Rachna Centre of Foreign Languages has launched an array of summer courses in French, German, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Arabic and English.

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