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Professing Responsible Leadership and Workplace Spirituality

The Corona outbreak turns human fear into reality. The bio war or natural calamity about which the world was always speculating in strategies and enacting in films has brought even the most powerful countries of the world on its knees. Saddled by rising death count and the outset of economic recession portrays nothing but a bleak picture of the future. Nuclear war facilities and bio war weapons were very much accepted and hideously researched areas by countries but effects of fighting such an invisible demon may serve as an eye opener to superpowers of the world. Mankind has conquered greater heights with each passing decade and the intelligence have always found answers to inexplicable questions too but now we come to a standpoint of realization was all this really worth the troubles we have invited for civilization in the process. The path that we have tread has undoubtedly taken us to unknown heights, but a greater problem bothers us now. In the quest of development and advancement we have jeopardized our existence only. We, today stand in the epicenter of a crisis which is possibly assumed to be a manmade one.

The professing of responsible leadership and workplace spirituality and practicing it diligently is necessary to test our actions. Any act of innovation can land the whole of humanity into a crisis of existence. Workplace spirituality works on principles of emphasizing sustainability, values contribution, prizes creativity, cultivates inclusion, develops principles and promotes vocation. So, it creates a pathway for leaders and stakeholders to plan development that is sustainable and grounded on strong ethical principles. But while we want to reach this end, we need to assume a responsible leadership style. This style consists of five dimensions: Awareness, Vision, Imagination, Responsibility and Action. Responsible leadership on one hand-made to you progress and dream big but although it gives you an inner compass that every leader should endorse while implementing workplace spirituality. The responsibility becomes the key step to check what we are doing and who will really lose and benefit.

World is a beautiful and joyous place to live in only when we can appreciate the power of coexistence with nature, the flora and fauna, humankind and even with our rivals. Economics of trade and quest for power must never make a leader myopic that he or she overlooks subtle details of life. The academic curricula should enforce responsible leadership as a behavioral disposition. The training provided to students thoroughly in these arts before joining the corporate Warfield. A right upbringing and training in ethics will be a great blessing for humankind in disguise. It would enable oneself to question his work, success and achievements. Without this, our education and innovation can end up in hurting us just like sheath less sword hanging from the sword belt around our waist. This goes out to the entire student fraternity irrespective of disciplines and level of educational degree that they aspire for. Assume righteousness indeed and look at the bigger picture instead of trading for trivial profits.

Written By:- Dr. Anindita Chatterjee Rao, Professor, Faculty of Management Studies, MRIIRS

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