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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Placement Opportunities for Aeronautical Engineering Graduates

Placement Opportunities for Aeronautical Engineering Graduates

Placement is getting accepted to perform a role related to one’s qualifications and skills. For entry into a career one requires self-motivated preparations. One has to be fit enough to get the placement, so one must fulfil the requirements that the employer has laid down.

These are

  • Eligibility qualification,
  • Domain knowledge,
  • Ability to listen, to understand, to comprehend, to analyze, to evaluate and respond effectively
  • Physical fitness and mental alertness
  • Ability to work with others for a common goal, etc.

At Manav Rachna, a student is given coaching in soft skills and aptitude and personality development so that he/she is better prepared to face the interviews conducted by the placement companies.

The students may visit company websites to find out about the placement opportunities, look carefully at the requirements listed and apply on time. Talk to companies at career fairs to find out what kinds of internships they offer and ask questions in case if lack of clarity. If you’re seeking a placement do as much research as possible, if you think you will fit into the culture of the organization, you are more likely to have a positive experience which could influence your future job prospects. Speaking to students that have undertaken placements is a good way to gain some insights and gather information.

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Working alongside projects provides head start in your career; this provides substantial first-hand experience while working towards achieving your professional qualifications. Developing your soft skills through the opportunities that come on your way should be a key objective. Working on projects, in teams, meeting deadlines and prioritizing work are skills gained that you can use to sell yourself.

  Other ways followed to Achieve Placement are:

  • Industrial training / Internship in industrial organizations or academic/research institutions.
  • Building one’s specialization like going through a course on SAP provided at MRIU.
  • Doing innovative work at the Manav Rachna Incubation and Innovation Centre thereby gathering research & development exposure.

The above approaches help in gaining experience of teamwork and development of interpersonal skills, acquiring set of useful skills which make one an attractive candidate for any employer. One must choose to acquire knowledge of current developments in the domain sector and choose to go for higher studies which can enhance his/her starting position in the career. Higher studies and research at any of the IITs / IISc, Bangalore in India or at premier institutes abroad could be a good option for better opportunities in life.

Placement Organizations for Aeronautical students:

  1. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.
  2. Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO).
  3. Indian Defence Services, namely, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Army.
  4. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).
  5. Airlines – both in Govt and Private Sector.
  6. Director General Civil Aviation
  7. Allied industry like Bharat Heavy Electricals etc.
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