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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Never set limits, when you are in Manav Rachna

To live a life with a purpose and a meaning, we need to discover ‘who we are?’ And to achieve this, we must first get over our hesitations, fears and phobias. Every student is talented; it is just that the talent differs. Every student learns, it is just that he may not learn the same day and in the same way. Young people cannot be labeled as ‘less able’ or ‘more able’. Nobody can fix or predict your future outcomes based on the present performance as here the subject matter is ‘human being’ and not the ‘machine’.

Therefore, it is critical for every student/learner to know about his/her own self, interests, abilities, personality and capabilities. You need to widen your thinking and that too out of the box. There is no age or gender bar to new beginnings. Do not set limits to your dreams, rather set limits to your irrational fears. Believe in possibilities, think boldly and embrace opportunities.

Individual differences are always there and Manav Rachna caters to individual differences by providing all the learners with such an environment where you can discover who you are at your core. You will find several diversified platforms for harmonious development of the personality, which will also help you to manifest your potential. Be it theatre, drama, music, communication skills, and creative technological projects and placements and many more. The underlying belief is that students should not inhabit a mindset of limited capacities.

So Never Say I Can’t.

Always Say ‘Let’s Give It a Chance’

Best wishes in journey of exploring yourself.

Jasmeet Kaur, 
Assistant Professor,
Department of education, MRU.


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