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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


MRU’s Teacher Education Programme: A Preparation for Proactive Professionals

“…persons who have given evidence of interest in teaching, love for children, of a spirit of adventure and creativity and commitment for social upliftment will be preferred…”.   (NPE 1986)

Above statement makes us realize the responsibilities entrusted upon teachers, teaching profession and teaching education programmes. While developing the curriculum for Teacher Education Programmes being offered at the Faculty of Education of Manav Rachna University, all the above aspects have been taken care of. The intended curriculum was transacted to explore implementation possibilities and changes were incorporated. The entire process made this programme substantial rather a fortuitous activity. The distinctive features of the of Teacher Education programme by Manav Rachna University are as follows: Skills development: Teacher Education has created a scope in its curriculum to expose budding teachers to the emerging needs and develop their repertoire in skill development.

  1. Supplementing learning with arts: To understand reflection introspection and action with a deep relationship between the head, heart and hand. Performing arts including drama, art and craft has given a vital place in curricular activities of teacher education programme.
  2. Enhancement of communication skills: A great emphasis has been laid upon on enhancing of communication skills of student-teacher. So that they can express their thoughts, ideas and instructions eloquently.
  3. Robotics: It is ensured that the student-teacher are to be acquainted with the latest branch of technology which schools are already adopting.
  4. Reflective Practices: Ample opportunities are weaved in the curriculum to evolve reflective practitioners out of student-teacher.
  5. Global languages and career development course: A basket of foreign languages have been offered to student-teacher to strengthen their career opportunities along with the career development courses.
  6. Enduring Experience of International Global Schools and Allied Schools: Firsthand experience to understand the processes operating in Global Schools and Allied Schools is made available.
  7. Workshops: Incorporation of workshops on relevant topics to give prospective teachers hands on experience has been taken care of.

The above-mentioned curriculum seems to be in consonance with the emerging divergent social needs. Amalgamation of decades of experience of mentors associated with the programme along with direct inputs from the stakeholders of education system is making this programme distinctive and ensures its excellence.

Seema Sharma,

Assistant Professor,

Faculty of Education, MRU. 

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