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Moving from Mind-Full to Mindful

Humanity is living through unprecedented times witnessing stories of struggle, hope, resilience and triumph in its battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from economic and social challenges, the present scenario is posing a severe threat to the overall emotional well-being of people across cultures and communities. With ever-rising mental health problems and related disorders, building a stable psychological immune system within every being to ensure a sustainable future of mankind remains a matter of critical concern. However, it is only during the tough times that we as human beings are more likely to move beyond the threshold and explore new possibilities, tap onto the unexplored and unveil the hidden. It is only beneath the dark clouds, we often see the silver lining. Mindfulness is fast emerging as one of the most powerful ways, being explored by the scholarly community and people at large as a means to remain calm, composed and to proactively respond to circumstances as they unfold in the present moment.

Mindfulness is a secular and scientific practice intended to develop one’s ability to be in the present moment by focusing one’s attention on an object or phenomenon. Some of the simplest and basic ways to be mindful include observing our breath as we inhale and exhale, placing the awareness on the bodily sensations or the heartbeat, being the witness of nature with a sense of openness and acceptance, mindful eating or walking, reflective thinking. journaling one’s experiences to name a few. 

Compelling neurobiological evidence along with a strong research base point towards the immense latent potential of this powerful intervention called mindfulness in enhancing self- awareness, social interconnectedness, a sense of happiness, well-being and meaning in life.  By consciously working on the mental muscle of attention, the ability to be mindful is observed to be resulting in becoming a way of life for people and thereby, enabling them to make a more sense of their aliveness. By being mindful of our vision, we tend to look at the situation holistically beyond the immediate appearance, how grim it might look like. Mindfulness also makes us value what we have with a sense of gratitude. By being mindful of people around and what they are going through, we not only can truly empathize but we can build around a strong support system. By being responsive rather than reactive to the situation, we are more likely to make choices which are in alignment with our larger value system as an individual and as a society. 

Let us remind ourselves, this too, like any other storm shall pass and what will matter at the end of the day would be the consciousness with which we proactively took responsibility for our lives and of the people around us. Let us immerse in awareness of the underlying spiritual connect uniting all of us and instilling in humanity. Let us embark upon this journey, from being mindfull to mindful …!!

Written by:- Dr. Savita Sharma, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education and Humanities, Manav Rachna University

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