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Mother is the Child’s First Teacher and Teacher is a Mother Forever!

From times immemorial human kind has witnessed the utmost significance of the role of different caregivers, mother being the utmost superlative. From cradle to grave, we are indeed indebted with the meticulous activities conducted by a mother. With the passage of time, each relation has added its own flavour in catering to the needs of children. But when we speak of an amalgamation of all the relationships, it comes out in the guise of a ‘Teacher’.

Students are the images of different shades of a teacher which they imbibe during the process of teaching and learning. A teacher understands the emotional needs of her students and appreciates the diversity among them. The intricate and delicate bond of the learner and teacher is supreme. However, a teacher adopts different strategies to satisfy the inquisitive nature of students and makes learning an enduring experience. In this context, I am sharing a small story.

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Once a disciple went to his Guru and asked, ‘What is PAIN?’ The Guru with a gentle smile said, “Hold your left arm straight and bend the right arm and return only when you find the answer.” The disciple found it irrelevant but he went on due to reverence and in turn became the object of mockery. But consistent in his endeavour, he finally thought to dissolve the posture. As he felt relaxed, the pain in his right arm vanished. He got the answer!

He went running to his guru frantically. His heart was thumping with joy. He said “I have realized the answer to my question:

 Holding on to anything for a long time hurts and letting it go relaxes. Pain, is our utmost desire to hold on, so if you are hurt, let it go”.

The Guru offered water to his disciple and smiled gently. He said “All the answers lie within us. Unless we explore it, we won’t be able to find it!” We might wonder as to why did the Guru not give an instant reply to his disciple? Actually it was deliberately done, as he did not want to deprive his disciple of the joy of learning and finding the answer himself.

A teacher may not deliver you with the two minute- instant solution, but rather facilitate you for “life – long learning!. So relax, and share your issues with your teachers.

Ms Shreyasi
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, Manav Rachna University

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