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Meeting The Demands Of Education

Skills are most needed to succeed in the new world. Education forms a determinant role that conducts a basis for a human being. There is a massive demand for education that depends on four factors; individual, family, institution and society. The demands help in the decision-making process. It is decided on the basis of socio-economic factors of the society. Students want to delve deep into the fields where not only education is transferred but also the knowledge. As eradication of rote learning is in demand; similarly, Creativity is making its own new path in the field of education, where the desired knowledge can be used. Students use creativity to create awareness around them. Students look for an educational method that also supports vocational learning instead of only theoretical learning. Academic Institutions and Academics fulfil its moral responsibility to imbibing values of life in the lives of students by understanding their need for knowledge. But still families demand their children to get admission in IITs, IIMs, NITs, AIIMS etc because they are the premier institutions. Every branch has its own discipline that follows the path of innovation through integration. 

Another reason is the fee structure that is not even countable. Also, the social standing means a lot for the families. Nowadays, family along with their children are showing keen interest in private institutions because of the education facilities they provide while competing with govt. education. There is no doubt that the number of students applying for govt. institutions after their schooling is way more than the ones applying for the private universities, however, they do not regret and choose to admit themselves in the private universities that provide them immense knowledge, learning and opens many platform for them to work upon. Depending on different disciplines, education provides a way to diverse heritage, tradition and culture. Now a day’s students are freely choosing language courses, Study of Literature, communication skills and media as their respective careers. Students are opting for such courses according to the demand of the market in the present time. They do understand that if they have to excel in life and be extraordinary then they have to hone their personality in a holistic manner. This is possible in Institutions that move away from the conventional teaching and encourage innovations.

Written by:- Dr. Swati Chauhan, Associate Professor, FMeH, MRIIRS

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