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Top MBA Specializations and their Benefits

Masters in Business Administration or MBA owns a coveted place in higher education. Institutions providing the MBA program instill in their students the skills and attitude necessary to take on managerial and leadership positions. While the MBA program is designed to develop a strong base of managerial knowledge across the foundation domains, the program progressively moves into preparing students for a clear focus on career choice. This focus is manifested through specializations. That’s why choosing  the right one from available MBA Specializations is significant. Now Some Colleges also offering MBA dual Specialized Program to maximizes the career prospects for the students

Which is the best Specialization in MBA?

While the evergreen popular MBA specializations remain: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, International Business and Information Technology. Considering the transformations in the industry, few new niche areas have now been added to MBA. Ultimately, it is about aligning one’s skills and attitude with the requirements of the industry.

Top MBA Specializations :

  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Events & Media
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Human Resource & Organizational Behavior
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Management Information Systems
  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
  • MBA in Operations Management
  • MBA in Banking And Insurance Management
  • Mba in Aviation Management
  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • MBA in Waste Management

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MBA In Marketing

It is believed (rather perceived), that marketing professionals are the outgoing, extrovert people who make friends easily. However, with the advent of digital media, content marketing and the era of consumerism, back-office roles for brand management have increased. MBA Marketing graduates are welcomed for roles in which market knowledge is to built and applied for marketing strategy.

MBA in Finance

For the finance professional, it is the bottom line of the company which matters! With fintech. all around, financial markets now function in a new, unconventional manner. It is here that the role of managers is required to manage the new-age financial services, such as commodities, electronic payments etc. Behavioural finance- an application of behaviour and biases to financial decisions is being talked about these days. This brings out the interdisciplinary aspect of finance.

MBA in Human Resources

This also brings us to the under estimated domain of human resources. An organization is only as good as its people are- which is why we talk about human capital and talent management, not about manpower and personnel! Better ways to manage people, so as to make them feel good about their organization and their job is the responsibility of a human resource professional. Programmes and schemes to cater to inclusion, support and to boost efficiency- are the key requirements. An MBA graduate may begin with a basic payroll job, but human resource management- from recruitment to success of an individual, is an area where professional expertise is increasingly being sought.

MBA in Information Technology

As the world (and businesses all around) go digital, application of technology to work is a basic requirement. But what makes this work is the expert knowledge of people who are trained to handle technology and the changes it brings about. This is where MBAs specialized in information technology are welcomed. They not only manage systems, but also appropriate management of these systems to facilitate the stakeholders.

MBA in Business Analytics

Taking technology to tactical business management is the specialization in business analytics. It equips graduates with ways and means to handle large amounts of information- to make meaningful analyses for businesses. It is this data which is the ‘new oil’ for businesses and which lends strategic advantage. 

MBA In Entrepreneurship

For those who want to take a different track, want to follow their heart and make something of their own- entrepreneurship is the way to go! The MBA program provides opportunities to understand and work with startups, so that from an idea, the student may undertake a guided journey to product commercialization.

MBA in Events & Media

Those who have an interest in organizing and managing events can pursue MBA in Events and Media. The course provides an opportunity to learners to understand the art of event management and become well-trained and knowledgeable event professionals and entrepreneurs.

MBA in International Business

Pursuing MBA with International Business Specialization fast-tracks the growth of an MBA graduate to an executive level, and prepares them to succeed in the global economy. The programme allows students to sharpen their management and strategic-thinking skills besides learning the conduct of businesses across the globe.

MBA in Operations Management

Specializing in Operations Management allows students to interact with the personalities across genres, i.e. researchers, engineers, marketing professionals among others. Students are also prepared to take up challenges in logistics, supply chain management and supply chain design.

MBA in Aviation Management

Aviation Management Socialization allows students to explore career opportunities in Aviation, Logistics, Hospitality and Travel industries. India being the world’s third largest Aviation market demands for professionals with great management skills and decision-making abilities. A degree in Aviation Management gives graduates a professional edge over others.

MBA IN Healthcare Management

There is no doubt in the fact that the healthcare industry is rising by leaps and bounds. MBA in Healthcare Management prepares students for this growing industry wherein they gain the necessary business acumen and enhanced knowledge of the industry across verticals.

MBA in Banking & Insurance Management

MBA in Banking and Insurance Management Specialization equips students with the critical thinking and analytical skills and opportunities to interact with banking and business professionals to understand risk management, finance and operations.

MBA In Waste Management

Waste Management is an alarming issue for India as well as other countries. In our country, the prospects of waste management are on rise and guided professionals are required to ensure proper management of different types of waste.

MBA in Management Information Systems

MBA in Management Information Systems equips students with skills in finance, marketing, network administration, hardware, and software along with leadership, managerial and human resource management skills. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median pay for computer and information systems managers in 2017 at $139,220 and projects a 12% increase in employment opportunities between 2016 and 2026.
Each of the above options offers an MBA graduate or the budding manager, with a salient set of key skills which may be applied to various industries. However, one must approach the field in which lies one’s choice and interest.

Written By :- Dr. Deepti D Hazarika, Professor and Director, Faculty of Management Studies

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