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Helpline no. 0129-4259000



Faculty of Management Studies, MRIIRS plays a vital role in coaching, counseling, and mentoring students to assume leadership positions. Students are given exposure through guest lectures, internship opportunities, and live projects with a steady industry-academia interface to understand the job demands, organizational challenges, and industry expectations. The teaching offered here in the classroom follows a skill-building approach with continuous monitoring and feedback. It enables us to measure the student progress and development against employability standards desired by the industry. Communication classes, psychometric analysis, leadership training, negotiation role-plays, self-branding, and work ethics are some primary areas that are closely monitored across all semesters to develop student competence.

Alumni initiatives and counseling platforms aid in the career management of passed-out graduates from the school. They are given information, mentoring, and coaching for career management and development. The slow and fast learner’s processes ensure that no students are amiss from the learning process. These processes ensure that a student’s learning competence aligns with knowledge delivery and exposure levels. The goals like resilient character building and positive attitude are inculcated through immaculately designed pedagogy. It prepares students to become employable and sustainable high performers. The life skills imparted by faculty mentors and industry mentors go a long way in shaping an individual character for evolving as a responsible social being. The involvement and participation of students in social projects through Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation and the Department of Social Welfare develop an in-depth understanding of social issues and governance measures in reaching the social development goals.

The spiritual orientation given to students develops an inner serenity and strength to handle challenges of personal and professional lives successfully. They learn to absorb stress effectively and be highly productive in grim situations too. It is the most remarkable feature of our business schools. Managing stress and handling oneself in adversity is equally essential when we train people for challenging leadership positions. This knowledge manifests itself as a coping mechanism in times of distress.

The business school constantly motivates me as a faculty member to learn new skills and future technologies to remain effective in teaching and research. They encourage us to develop teaching competence in new and niche areas of knowledge which withholds future opportunities for students, Ph.D. scholars, and industry partners. It opens the gateway of self-discovery through encouraging constant learning and individual initiatives. Open door policy and participative decision-making make us faculty members vital stakeholders in the organizational change process in MRIIRS.

The mentoring provided by senior management helps us to undertake bold experiments in teaching and research. The school gives us the freedom to work along with the industry in innovative ways. These all initiatives are aimed at the long-term sustainability of the business school. The knowledge management infrastructure here pushes faculty members to become knowledge creators and disseminators. Case studies, books, research papers, and monographs written are a testimony to that. The support extended to students and faculty members with the surge in COVID -19 pandemic was remarkable and highly commendable. The migration and implementation of the online learning process itself took MRIIS onto a higher pedestal and is a live case study of managing performance at critical times and organizational change. The business school is one of the best places for students to learn and appreciate the meaning of life that is definitely beyond a degree.

Written By:- Dr. Anindita Chatterjee Rao, Professor, Faculty of Management Studies

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