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law course after 12th commerce

Law Courses after 12th Commerce, Scope and Opportunities

Law is a vast field which when coupled with other disciplines not only gives a competitive edge to the students over regular graduate students but also opens more career avenues by increasing the scope of their understanding for various other disciplines. One such subject is the study of business commerce, integrated with the LLB course, B. Com LLB has evolved as one of the leading integrated Law courses after 12th. The increasing demand by corporates has stimulated the course to provide in-depth knowledge about accounts & commerce along with convoluted analysis of law and governance. Spread across a tenure of 10 semesters, the Course offers an opportunity to learn about the various fields of business commerce like Financial Accounting, Corporate accounting, Cost accounting, Taxation, Economics and insights about Human resource, Marketing and Management along with conceptual and practical exposure to Legal methods, Law of Contract, Constitutional & Family law and other legal frameworks, envisioning the horizon of a student to become successful and acknowledged professional.

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What You learn while pursuing B.Com LLB

With intensifying competition in the business world, it is not an exaggeration but imperative to say that success can be achieved only when you have ascendancy over soft skills and thinking ability. Adhering to the Philosophy of Manav Rachna Group of “Access & Flexibility”, the students undertaking this course have “Access” to various skills, and thus makes them “Flexible” to adjust to the vying and dynamic scenarios in their career ladder. Along with inculcation of soft skills, like Leadership Skills, Teamwork & collaboration skills, Communication skills, Problem-solving skills, and interpersonal skills; a student also develops a pragmatic approach towards applicative, analytical evaluative and creative thinking, during the tenure of this course.

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Benefits of Choosing Law career after 12th commerce

Five-year B. Com LLB. the course is a career-oriented professional course that provides new opportunities and different avenues in the corporate sector. MRU’s five-year integrated law course not only provides campus placement but also opens the door for various other career prospects which are highly lucrative. After completing a law course student can pursue, Company Secretaryship. Law plus CS is a great combination for career growth. Candidate having a CS with Law degree is preferred the most. CS is a field that deals with the legal side of the companies and it’s a great career option for those students who wish to make their career in the corporate law. Legal professionals with a commerce background are likely to achieve early success in banking and other finance-related services. Besides, other areas such as judicial services, courtroom practice, research, in-house counsels in multi-national companies are also equally open for law graduates with commerce. In addition, one can pursue a career in Corporate Law firms, Tax Law firms, Law Officer in Banks & Insurance Companies, Law Officer in Government bodies like RBI, SEBI, etc., Legal Advisors in esteemed law firms, Legal Experts in IRR Issues, Mergers and Acquisition, Joint Venture Agreements, etc. and CA firms.

In the end, I am reminded of a famous quote by — Chris Grosser, who said-

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

Best Wishes!!

Written by:- Dr. Ashima Saxena, Professor of Management at Faculty of Law

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