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How to Effectively Build up Study Skills

Are you anxious that your sincere study efforts do not result in a good score? Do you feel that every subject should be approached in a similar manner? What is the right way to study? If these questions bother you, then working on your study skills is the answer. Improving studying skills enhances one’s productivity while learning and thereby enhancing an important life skill.

First and foremost, remember that ‘studying is necessary to succeed in life.’ Therefore, one must devote sufficient time to study. In fact, it is recommended that a student should give at least forty hours, including approximately 15 hours of class work, per week to study. It is important that one remembers the most important studying tip, that is, it is done at the right time, at the right place, and under the right conditions. One should also timely improve study techniques to effectuate good results.

Importance of Study Skills:

  • One charts out one’s own goals and thereby, strategizes to achieve these goals. 
  • These study skills vary from one topic to another, thereby, ensuring that the learning is subject specific and has a nuanced approach.
  • With practice, study skills also enhance.
  • A better study skill ensures a greater path of success even in the professional world. 

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Effective Study Techniques for students

  1. The Right time: It means to plan and follow a regular study schedule and follow it religiously, as per the difficulty level of the curriculum and  study-material. 
  2. The Right Place: Choose a place that will help you focus. This includes a place that is comfortable, i.e., with adequate light, air, and temperature and one that is free of distractions.
  3. The Right Conditions: Conditions, here, mean the surroundings. The surroundings should be noise-free, as well as, equipped with all the study requirements like study-chair, table, proper light and basic stationery items. There should be a handy facility to cater to any light snack. Remember, the right place is useless without the right surrounding conditions. 
  4. Adequate Preparation: Set a goal for the day. Getting organized by making a list of topics to study and allocating a specific time for each topic can help you study more effectively. Have your books/lectures readily available. Make sure to take short study breaks after every 1-2 hours. 
  5. The Correct Attitude: Studying is not only about passing exams. It is important to study with an aim of learning so you can apply your knowledge and skills to benefit yourself and others in a positive way. This attitude makes studying more enjoyable. It is not the best idea to study while you’re stressed. This leads to frustration which in turn has a negative impact on your focus. 

These study techniques and tips would enhance the studying skills of both college and school students. It would help them with concentration, conceptualization, as well as illustration. As John Maxwell said, “Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential”, students can strive to achieve greater heights by improving their study skills. 

Written By:- Dr. Kiran Gupta, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education and Humanities, MRU

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