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Why Studying Law is important

One may indeed find the essence of law in Henry Beecher’s famous saying, “A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it”.  To be aware of one’s rights and to be sensitive to those of others, is just a concomitant to studying law. There are numerous other benefits, both academic and commercial.The legal profession is one of the most lucrative and one of the most sought after by students today. And not without reasons! A law student gets invariably equipped with a host of skills such as critical analysis, lateral thinking, research, and public speaking. They become learned– be it politics, society, economics or governance of a nation or its constitutional, corporate, civil or criminal laws- you become well versed with all the diverse aspects of national as well as international importance.

You can design your own career in an in a multinational-corporation, in International organizations like UN, in academics, as a courtroom practitioner, State judicial services or even in Civil services etc. There is no dearth of good prospects available for a sincere law student.

Now let’s learn about the law program offered by Manav Rachna University. As a Private State University, our five year integrated program is in strict compliance with the Bar Council of India guidelines. Mentioned below is a list of the twin specializations offered by us:

The pedagogy employed shall stress upon practical training and case-law discussions with departmental seminars and mock moot courts to reinforce the class teaching, giving students a real taste of what it’s like to practice law. A weekly tutorial will provide students with an opportunity to resolve their subject specific doubts. Pro bono societies like legal aid cell, model parliament, debates, seminars, internships and court visits will be an integral part of the course curriculum.  You all are welcome to visit the Faculty of Law with its futuristic infrastructure, mock courtroom and a superlative law library that won’t leave you insatiated!

Written By :- Ms. Aditi Chaudhary, Legal Officer, MREI & Asst. Professor, Faculty of Law, MRU

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