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keep your mind calm during exam

How to deal with exam stress?

The term ‘exam stress’ can be broadly defined as a feeling of anxiety over one’s performance in the exams, the results and reaction of parents and friends; all weigh upon students to create exam stress.

Well examination is a form to judge your preparation, so keep aside your fear and before the examination gear yourself well. Prepare the entire important topics well. On the day of the examination avoid last minute mugging and stressing. And you should have a good sleep the previous night.

How to keep your mind calm during exams ?

  • It’s good to be an organized person, keep all the required things for exams handy like your  admit card, stationery, watch etc. last minute searching for things can stress your mind and further create panic during exam and in return it might be more disastrous.
  • Before you to go to exam always take energy producing food and avoid heavy food as might make you sleepy during exams. Never go in empty stomach as you might end up concentrating more on your hunger than your exam Paper. Fruit, milk, eggs are good source of energy. Strictly no to rice or puri they are really heavy. If possible carry a water bottle with you to exam hall to rehydrate.
  • Before the examination just be relaxed and don’t let your brain stress by feeding more information into it as it’s already worked – up. Be confident to whatever you have learned and try to put a good picture of what you have prepared. A tired mind will do no good, so it’s necessary to go the hall with a refreshed mind. Instead of trying to revise that very last point you forgot to learn, try to recall those topics in your head. Keep an organized and open mind without putting a pressure on yourself to learn that other point. The chances are you will only remember what you learn before exam and panic with other parts.
  • Once you get the question paper in your hand make a quick plan how to invest time in each question and mark the questions which you know the best  and attempt them first , in this manner you will appreciate yourself  for remembering the solutions and answer and your brain will work better. Never curse yourself if you forgot or didn’t study something which you thought of studying, as thinking of it would just waste your time and would be fruitful if concentrate on the present situation.
  • It is very important to check your answers again in the end. Devote your last 15 minutes to review your answers and in this process you might come across with careless mistakes and make the required corrections accordingly.
  • Avoid discussing on how your friends have written, as knowing how your friend did would add more are losing your time and peace of mind trying to know what others did or spending energy on worrying which is already past. Concentrate on how you will face your next exam or how you are going to spend your time efficiently.

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