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How can an Economics degree give your career a new direction?

Revolving around the production, buying and selling of various products and services, along with production and development of wealth, Economics is a people-focused subject. At a very first glance, Economics, to a layman, seems to be all about money but in a broader concept, it is focused on the full spectrum of issues related to the financial decisions and situations. An economist is required to keep a myopic vision in order to analyze and keep track of the resources right from the production to consumption.

It is worth mentioning here that a great proportion of business leaders have studied economics at a graduate level in their university. For that, selection of a university is considered an utmost practice. Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (MRIIRS) offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate courses in Economics to prepare students for the economic world outside by providing them a uniform and necessary portion of discipline centred theoretical and applied knowledge.

Why Select Economics Degree:

Aimed at building analytical and critical skills, Economics course at Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences, MRIIRS prepares students to be accomplished citizens and professionals who are capable of independent analysis and critical thinking. Here, graduates are trained in the application of knowledge in economics to real-life economic, financial, ethical and analytical problems encountered in the economy.     The course has been structured to provide them with skills and professional acumen to become key players in the economy.

MRIIRS Economics Department: 

At MRIIRS, students are given a perfect blend of industry-academia exposure through guest lectures, industry visits and internships. With this, it is ensured that the students receive sufficient experience and learning of the current issues and crises of the world especially that of the emerging economies. From the foundational learning of economics subject to its application, the course helps students move up the ladder by enabling them to effectively apply their knowledge and skills to situations of economics, institutional and policy-making.

An interactive and conducive infrastructure and the environment is maintained at the MRIIRS campus in order to promote learning and skill building among the students. The pedagogy adopted here helps students gain a deeper understanding of worldly economics including how goods and services are priced and the reason behind the varied standards of living in different countries.

With faculty derived from different R & D organizations, Defense Research and Development Organization, Sports Authority of India, Institute of Banking Personnel Selection and many more, the main focus is on to develop the professional competencies in the students and prepare them for a variety of careers in economic research, banking, financial economics. Economists are also employed by governments around the world to work in central banks, treasury departments, civil services, and making predictions.

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