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bba business analytics

Top 5 Reasons to do BBA in Business Analytics.

BBA- Business Analytics is a course that is data-driven and it steers business decisions to keep them agile and competitive. This course integrates the use of computer programming with business intelligence and data analysis. Reputed organizations all around the world seek business analysts and data analysts who can drive feasible and practical insights from the data collected with the help of certain tools and techniques. The process of this begins with framing a business problem to collecting data, creating relationships, and cleaning it for analysis and modeling. This process is further classified into three types of analytics-

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics

The BBA in Business Analytics program equips one to get an edge over others in the field. It also helps in creating value for oneself by developing the skills required to enter the corporate arena or starting one’s own entrepreneurial venture. Here are the five advantages of pursuing BBA- Business Analytics Program:

Maximizing Skill Set:

Gaining a degree in Business Analytics helps students to holistically maximize every aspect of their skill set. This course also helps in enhancing strong communication and presentation skills along with the knowledge of data analytics. Thereon, it also helps one in landing up viable jobs as firms that recruit in the domain of finance, HR, retail, sales, or any other post favor a student who has the business acumen and knowledge of this particular domain.

Innovation Centric

The pedagogy that centers around instilling business acumen into students aims to instill the most primary aspect that one requires to excel in the realm of business, that is, innovation. With such an innovation-centric approach, one can also develop successful entrepreneurial ventures and tread on the path of success.

Open to All

It is a course, not necessarily to be taken up by a student who is fair in mathematics or statistics but anyone who is creative, innovative, curious, and can notice patterns and associations. A student proficient in analyzing trends and thereon, making use of such trends can enroll in this program.


With the rise in educational trends, the aspect of multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary education is playing a vital role. This is because an interdisciplinary education enhances the market value of a candidate. This program is multidisciplinary as it integrates the basics of computing with data and business and henceforth it becomes more industry oriented.


Additionally, irrespective of whether you see a career in this field or not, it will cross paths with you wherever you go. All firms be it Pharmacy, manufacturing, election campaigns, retail, consultancy, travel & tourism, banking, telecom, aviation, healthcare, etc., will need the inputs of a data analyst to be able to deliver the customer what they want and fulfill their needs. Hence, there is a wide and lucrative career choice ahead of students.
These are some of the many intriguing features of the BBA- Business Analytics program. The ever-developing realm offers a wide variety of upcoming opportunities for students.

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