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Fashion Communication: Beyond the Stereotypes

When we hear the term ‘Fashion’ or ‘Fashion Communication’, many of us still think of models or something related to the business of designing and producing a garment. However, it is important to know that the term also includes two other major aspects related to fashion. They are:

  1. Communicating fashion 
  2. Communicating through fashion.

It includes creating and facilitating communication for the fashion industry; verbal, written, visual or audiovisual. It is a specialized domain of fashion studies that helps students in learning communication knowledge and skills relevant to the fashion and lifestyle industry. It is also the backbone of the whole fashion business. This is among one of the newest and most exciting avenues of the fashion and lifestyle industry. It includes a consolidated study associated with different areas such as advertising, public relations, fashion journalism, visual merchandising, styling, photography, display, creative writing, etc. Apart from the creative and commercial aspects, the subject also deals with the concepts of identity and self-expression through fashion and how fashion psychology is an inevitable part of our daily lives.

Meaning of Fashion Communication

It becomes very important to break some of the stereotypes and clarify some of the myths related to this subject. Firstly, the term fashion is very subjective, it does not just refer to just clothing. From the way you do your hair or makeup, the tattoos and piercings you get on your body, the accessories and footwear that you wear or the bags and sunglasses that you carry, all of this is a part of fashion. The way you represent or express yourself through these and how someone perceives or receives you are a part of it too. Also, just because it is related to fashion, it is not irrelevant, too easy or difficult as an area of study. Like every other field of study, it has its own significance; it’s just about your area of interest. As many fields come under Fashion Communication and because they are all interrelated, if you feel like experimenting a bit and would want to switch from one field to another related field in future, it will not be a very difficult step to take.

Let’s not forget to mention that against the popular belief that because its fashion, it may be more appropriate for women, there should be no doubt about it that it is not at all more or less appropriate for a particular gender. It has nothing to do with your gender. Something that is beautifully changing about this industry is that it’s becoming more flexible and breaking the stereotypes attached to it every day. Whether we look at models with baby bumps or models with skin conditions, fashion bloggers from different age groups and races, professionals from different ethnicities and religions, the world of fashion has become a beautiful blend today. The good news is that if one has the talent and skills, the fashion industry has many doors open for them; it is not restricted, not anymore. With the advancement of digital media and especially the increasing craze around social media, new options are emerging and evolving not only in the print or the broadcast media but also in the digital media.

Educational Qualification

All opportunities do not ask for the same degree or qualification but a degree or course in fields like Media or Mass Communication, Fashion, Photography, Editing or Writing can help you to acquire the right knowledge and expertise for the job. You can also study Fashion Communication as one of the subjects or do a short term course related to it. 

Scope In Fashion Communication

The Fashion industry is opening many exciting doors for internships and jobs for people with the right skill set and knowledge. Fashion is something that keeps evolving and gaining more popularity with time and it seems like offering a promising future. This is a creative space where you can experiment with your ideas and take a few risks. It is an unconventional space that is ever-growing and transforming.

Most popular options that you can go for as a Fashion Communicator:

1) Fashion Blogger: If you are interested in becoming a blogger, you can begin by starting a personal blog. The blog can be a written one, a photo blog, can have videos and can even have a mix of all three. It is one of the hottest options today and many bloggers who started from scratch have become popular now. Apart from having a different blog, many of them are starting their blogs on social media platforms like Instagram too.

2) Fashion Journalist: Fashion journalism is something that is gaining more popularity with time. Whether you write for popular fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper’ Bazaar, Elle or cover fashion events or report the latest news related to fashion, there is a lot of scope for a fashion journalist. It has its own merits and challenges like any other field of journalism.

3) Fashion Writer: If you have a flair for writing, you can become a fashion writer. It does not matter if you start from writing for a small website or any of the social media platforms; you can start anywhere and will gradually grow. You can even write articles for different magazines and newspapers and even write books on Fashion once you gain some experience and get expertise in fashion writing. From the latest trends to sustainable fashion to celebrity styles, a fashion writer can write about anything related to the industry.

4) Fashion Photographer:  Not a fashion enthusiast yourself but like photography? Not a problem! If you know the art of photography and are passionate about it, you can become a fashion photographer. You can start your own page or blog or you can click photographs for an E-Commerce site, a magazine or even for other bloggers. Visuals and aesthetics matter the most in the fashion industry and a good photographer can be a game-changer.

5) Visual merchandiser: Ever noticed how different fashion brands market themselves through their brand’s physical aspects? Whether it’s the store layout, the standees, the display inside the store or the way the counters are arranged, everything is a part of visual merchandising that is done to attract the customers. If this sounds interesting to you, you can work with a fashion brand and get into planning and managing their visual merchandising.

Apart from these options, there are many others like marketing, brand management, doing public relations or advertising for fashion brands or celebrities. Becoming a You Tuber and making fashion videos, a video editor, creating content for different platforms, an editor for a website or magazines, a fashion stylist or an image consultant is also on the list that can be explored.

Written By :-  Ms. Somya Sharma, Assistant Professor, J&MC (FMeH), MRIIRS

Image Source :-  free Pik 


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