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10 Benefits of learning Chinese language in India

For a number of reasons, Chinese has developed a misconceived reputation for being the most difficult language in the world. Among the most common reasons for this image is the alien nature of its writing system. Unlike most languages, which use phonetic writing, Chinese is composed of pictograms and semi-phonetic ideograms. People often assume all other elements of the language are equally difficult when this is not at all the case. Take up learning Chinese and open yourself to a world of opportunities. And of course, it never hurts to flaunt your new-found linguistic prowess, isn’t it? And there are enough reasons to start learning the language today!

Top Reasons To Learn Chinese 

A unique script!

Its script consists of characters and not the usual alphabets that we study in other European languages. It has four different tones, which mean that the same word if pronounced in a different way could mean a new thing altogether!

No gender specificity

Unlike most European languages, itdoes not feature complicated constructs like cases and genders. While speaking also one cannot come to know whether the person is a male or female. There is gender neutrality.

No difficult grammar

Unlike other East Asian languages, such as Korean and Japanese, the language is free from complicated honorific grammar which makes it easily comprehensible.

Learning Chinese is easier nowadays

Chinese learning in the past was a laborious process involving huge dictionaries, endless character lists and poorly recorded tapes. Luckily, there are now much better ways for learning Chinese with apps like Pleco, Fluent U etc.

Make yourself understood to more people

One fourth of the world speaks Mandarin. Imagine! 19.9% international students want to learn Mandarin. The demand of Mandarin in various universities is sky-rocketing. For business purposes too, it is in high demand.

Amazing cultural pot-pourri

It has an amazing culture, festivals and social history. Learning a language always involves a simultaneous learning of culture. It’s a blend of both modernity and antiquity. It involves everything from culture, tradition and politics.

Get access to economical goods

Native Chinese people do not know any other language except their own mother tongue. In order to avoid communication barriers, that’s the only way out. For getting goods at a cheaper and affordable rate, one has to speak in the same language.

Become more artistic

Since Chinese is both a pictorial and iconographic language, one’s mind gets the ability to grasp more and widen up to understand the ethics of a language. It makes you more creative!

Prepare yourself for the superpower

Among the Asian countries, Chinese is among the richest countries that would surely be a superpower in the coming years. The markets are flooded with Chinese goods everywhere which acts as a testimonial. Prep yourself for the business opportunities that would start surfacing in the coming years!

Get a sweeter voice

Since Mandarin is a tonal language, there is a rhythmic essence to anything spoken in it. The tones slowly begin to creep into your daily life, making whatever you say generally in your own language, sweeter and melodious.

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