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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Career Path Formation in Biotechnology

‘I see a bright future for the biotechnology industry when it follows the path of the computer industry, the path that Von Neumann failed to foresee, becoming small and domesticated rather than big and centralized.’

-Freeman Dyson

What is Biotechnology :

Biotechnology is a multi-disciplinary field which has great demand in various applications in the field of research and development. It is a great intersection of biology and technology that focuses on creating new products to enrich lives and make day-to-day life easier and healthier. If an aspirant is persistent, enthusiastic about discoveries, passionate about the combination of biology and technology, then he can choose biotechnology as a career option. Imagination and Curiosity are two main aspects of biotechnology field. ‘Around 70 percent of all the processed food items owe their existence to biotechnology’.

Course In Biotechnology

There are different types of degrees available in Biotechnology field that a student can choose for: Associate, Certificate, Master’s, Bachelor’s, Dual Degree Programs and Ph.D. Programs. Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (Formerly MRIU) has been offering Bachelor and Master Degree programs in Biotechnology for over a decade now.

Three courses offered by the institute:

  1. B.Tech in Biotechnology
  2. M.Tech in Biotechnology
  3. M.Sc. in Biotechnology

The curriculum of these courses is inclusive of industrial training in the eighth semester at institutions of national repute which include National Center of Applied Human Genetics; School of Life Sciences, JNU; Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences- DRDO; IOCL R&D Centre Faridabad, etc.

Regular hands-on training is provided to the students in the dedicated state-of-the-art labs: Microbiology Lab, Cell Biology Lab, Molecular Biology Lab, Environment Biotechnology Lab, and Bioinformatics. Students are exposed to regular industry visits to manufacturing units like that of Mother Diary, Vita Milk Plant, Yakult Probiotics and others.

With over 50 global and academic collaborations, Eight Research and Innovation Clusters, Centres of Excellence in collaboration with the reputed companies; Manav Rachna is consistently working towards enhancing the research culture at the campus for the betterment of society. Manav Rachna Biotechnology students have incubated a company at the Manav Rachna campus- M/S TrichoAgronica Pvt. Ltd. which has been awarded a grant of Rs. 1.72 Cr for its novel, innovative and eco-friendly solution against fungal pathogens in Tomato cultivation.

As a biotech professional, you will have access to a limitless array of careers, with options ranging from epidemiologist, microbiologist, biochemist, food scientist, botany specialist to biomedical engineer and many more. He/She can also find good opportunities in the following industries: Bio Fertilizer industry, Aquaculture Industry, Crop Production Units, Chemical Industries, Marine Biotechnology Units, Bioinformatics Sector, Food Processing Industries and many more.

Manav Rachna students have bagged excellent placements in Covidien, Space Group, Imperial Life Sciences, Link Biotech, Sagacious Research, Panacea Biotech, Agilent Technologies, Lifecell International, TCS (Biotech Division), Infosys (Biotech Division), and many more.


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