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career in mechanical engineering

Top Career Opportunities for Mechanical Engineering Students

A mechanical engineer has several career options once an impressive resume is prepared based on the proficiency of the field to seek a lucrative career. Mechanical Engineering is among the oldest branches of engineering sciences and is referred as the mother of engineering sciences. In view of its job opportunities and proven results, this branch is named as the Evergreen Branch of Engineering. Depending upon the expertise and education, the employability opportunities of mechanical engineering are also wide and deeper.
After completion of a B.Tech Mechanical Degree, one has a plethora of options to get employed in private/public/government undertaking sectors. With an additional master or a doctoral degree, the potential of elevating the career prospect along with the salary becomes substantial. Even earning a certification course or Proficiency license in a respective field builds a good career path.

The Prevailing Career Opportunities for a Mechanical Engineer are as follows:

Automation Engineer: The common skill required to be in the field of automation is the knowledge of PLC/SCADA, Robot Dynamics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Programming and Coding along with analytical problem-solving skills.

Robotic Engineer: In-depth knowledge of Robotic engineering, Complex problem-solving skills, Systems thinking, programming techniques, Basics of Artificial Engineering with Python Programming (or any programming knowledge)

Mechatronics Engineer: Knowledge of Electronics, Electrical, and Computer Engineering along with Mechanical Engineering. Knowledge of digital circuit and interfacing electromechanical system to establish synergy

Automotive Engineer: Requires high technical aptitude for vehicle design, diagnostic skills, knowledge of functions and operations of engines and its various components. Plays a pivotal role in designing cars and bikes; from manufacturing the product to after-sales and service engineering.

Aerospace Engineer: Strong aptitude of math and science required along with expertise in aerodynamics and primarily involves designing and testing aircraft, space shuttle, missiles, and satellites. Develop and testing prototypes to ensure their functionality according to the design.

R & D Engineer: The R & D leads the projects and products in design and development stages including all aspects of production technologies/engineering and manages all teams to move forward with the schedule.

Production Engineer: Knowledge of production processes and production technologies to manufacture/fabricate mechanical parts.

Quality Control Engineer: Ensure and initiate quality standards in product and services, and documentation of quality control forms. Develop instructions for measuring quality and evaluate precision and accuracy in accordance to the dimensions provided in process sheets.

Process Planning Engineer: In-depth knowledge of different manufacturing processes and determining the sequence of operation which are economic and viable for manufacturing a product.

Product Development Engineer: Product Development engineers manage the design, prototyping, and testing of products to ensure they meet the guidelines for standards and functionality. Product engineering includes design, development and transition to the manufacturing of the product.

Design Engineer: This area includes design and development of products and their respective toolings for productions and inspections, which includes jigs and fixtures. It is very significant when innovative products and respective tooling development is required to achieve large volumes of productions.

Vendor Development Engineer: Since 90% of the manufacturing is being outsourced to tier-II and tier-III supplier, here the vendor development engineer plays an important role in developing vendor and developing the product at the vendor ends.

Sales and Marketing Engineer: Though both are two different business functions within the organizations wherein the sales team looks after the selling of the product or services and marketing is basically pulling the customer towards the offered product/services, which are being sold.

Maintenance Engineer: This area of mechanical engineering deals with repairing of machines and equipment. Sound knowledge of diagnostic skills to detect faults and provide solution is required.


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