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List of all B.Sc. Courses for PCB and PCM students

Science remains one of the most sought-after fields. The scope of this field is immense and one can easily find a calling from the wide pool of options available for science students after 12th. Out of many options, the students find themselves in the dilemma upon seeing the wide range of B. Sc courses. Many of these B. Sc courses are uniquely suited for PCM and PCB students. There are immense benefits of opting for one of these specialized B. Sc programs and thereon a smooth career progression is guaranteed.

Benefits of doing B.Sc.

Of the wide list of B. Sc. courses available, the students have the option to opt for any one of them.  Students can carve a comprehensive career after completing their B. Sc. They would gain an enhanced knowledge of the subject and can also opt for research on the domain of their choice.

What is the Scope of B. Sc.

A B.Sc. course is a lucrative option to carve a top career path in science. With varied specializations in-store, the industry is always on the lookout for the B. Sc graduates as they are adept with apt skills and features that one requires to excel in industry-specific roles. A B. Sc. course can be either part-time or full-time. It provides good career prospects to the students in varied fields like research, pharmaceuticals, agricultural science, biotechnology, bioinformatics, among many others.

B. Sc. Courses Eligibility

The eligibility of each of these B. Sc courses differ according to institution and specialization. But overarching eligibility for B. Sc courses remains for the student to have opted for PCM and PCB stream in their +2.

B. Sc. Course List for PCB

There is a range of B. Sc courses available after 12th in PCB. Here is a list of these courses:

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B. Sc. Course List for PCM

Many B. Sc courses are available for the PCM students. Some of the B. Sc courses that PCM students can pursue after 12th are:

  • B. Sc Aeronautical Science 
  • B. Sc Software Engineering
  • B. Sc Psychology
  • B. Sc Statistics
  • B. Sc Nutrition and Dietetics
  • B. Sc Physical Education
  • B. Sc Physics
  • B. Sc Mathematics 
  • B. Sc Mass Communication and Journalism
  • B. Sc Multimedia Technology 
  • B. Sc Interior Design
  • B. Sc Information Technology
  • B. Sc Geography
  • B. Sc Geology 
  • B. Sc Graphics and Multimedia 
  • B. Sc Home Science
  • B. Sc Hospitality and Hotel Management
  • B. Sc Hospitality and Tourism
  • B. Sc in Fashion and Apparel Science 
  • B. Sc in Food Technology 
  • B. Sc in Food Science
  • B. Sc in Electronics and Communication
  • B. Sc Economics 
  • B. Sc Entrepreneurship
  • B. Sc. Computer Science 
  • B. Sc. Computer Applications 
  • B. Sc Applied Science
  • B. Sc Applied Mathematics 
  • B. Sc Actuarial Sciences
  • B. Sc Animation
  • B. Sc Anthropology 
  • B. Sc Applied Chemistry 

Jobs after B. Sc

Due to a detailed focus on the specific areas of specializations, the industry is always ready to hire a fresh batch of B. Sc graduates in varied disciplines. Therefore, students can land up jobs like research assistant, physiotherapist, dietician, architect, and many others. 

Salary after B. Sc

The salary after completion of the B. Sc course can range anywhere from 3 LPA to 7 LPA for a fresher. Experienced personnel can land up a package of 7 LPA- 10 LPA. 

Written By:- Ms. Shriyanshi Shukla, Content Writer

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