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Best Health and Fitness Courses

Lao Tzu, the great Chinese Philosopher said, “Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend.” Health takes a frontal position in human existence. In the purview, a career in the health sector has always been in demand. To understand and maintain personal health and fitness holistically, one needs to have an expert level of knowledge. Further one can explore a multitude of subfields under the health and fitness domain and further embark on a career in these fields. Pursuing courses pertaining to health and fitness would ensure a path to a lucrative career. Manav Rachna offers a range of courses in this domain.

Increasing Demand for Health and Fitness Courses

The 21st century is defined by changing life patterns. The changes in the human routine range from work from home, pandemic, to long commute hours. These transitions have made the aspect of health and fitness very vital to sustain a hearty lifestyle. This becomes a sole reason for the importance of courses pertaining to health and fitness in the coming times. 


Scope of Health and Fitness Courses

With the importance of these courses maximizing every day, there is a huge demand for professionals in the industry. Be it physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologists, or dentists, the demand for these professions is exponentially rising in the industry. This henceforth ensures a wide scope of these courses.  

Since this remains an evolving domain, there are many sub-branches within these subfields of health and fitness that one can explore and thereon become a leading industry professional. 


Health and Fitness Courses at Manav Rachna

B. Sc Hons Food Science and Technology:

The study of food technology and science involves inventing and bringing about transformational changes in the realm of food science and technology. The main aim herein remains to process food through evolving technologies in such a manner that it maximizes its nutritional value. There is a wide array of scope in this realm as many sectors like corporate food manufacturing companies, food research laboratories,  packaging companies, flavor houses are on the lookout for Food Science and Technology graduates.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is the process of rehabilitating patients undergoing physical dysfunction through the means of exercise, manual therapy, and other physical activities, without any use of medicine. Some of the leading problem areas that Physiotherapists solve are injuries in musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, sports, geriatrics, among many others. A range of career options are available for physiotherapy students, some of them are consultant physiotherapist, corporate physiotherapist, ergonomic care advisor, private practice, physiotherapist in NGOs, etc. 


B. Sc Nutrition and Dietetics

With the changing lifestyle patterns in the contemporary world, the aspect of adjusting our diets to such change becomes important. To maximize the nutritional value and suit an individual’s consumption patterns according to lifestyle habits is the primary motive behind pursuing a degree in nutrition and dietetics. Some career opportunities that one can pursue in this field are clinical nutritionist, public health nutritionist, sports nutritionist, among many others. 


B.A./ B. Sc Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology refers to the study of the application of psychological practices to assess human behavior in different contexts such as in an organization, family, or social setup. While pursuing a degree in applied psychology, one can gain a detailed knowledge of specializations like counseling service, organizational psychology, forensic psychology, among many others. Career options in the realm of psychology are ever-evolving with varied options in-store like a counseling psychologist, rehabilitation specialist, child support specialist, an in-house psychologist in a corporate environment. 


Bachelor of Dental Surgery 

Dental surgery involves the practice of measures that solve the dental hygiene issues of any patient. This remains one of the most sought-after courses in the domain of medicine. Perfect integration of practice with theory, pursuing this course is the best way to set up one’s own dental practice.


Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) with specialization in Musculoskeletal, Cardiopulmonary, Sports, Neurology

Pursuing a master’s degree in Physiotherapy would ensure the advanced level of knowledge transmission in the realm of physiotherapy. One can always get a better set of opportunities and arenas to explore post the completion of masters. A master’s degree in physiotherapy can help a student to establish a wide base of clients and build their trust through independent practice. 


M.Sc. – Nutrition & Dietetics

A Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics has a lot many perks like industrial visits, enhanced and detailed level of curriculum, and maximized placement opportunities. Apart from this, it is also a landmark point in pursuing the career option of lecturership in the subject. 


Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) 

A master’s degree in dental surgery is a step towards excelling and making a landmark career in the field. Catering to varied specializations like prosthodontics, orthodontics, oral pathology, oral medicine and radiology, among many others, it is surely a cutting-edge program to facilitate a holistic career in Dental Surgery. 


M.A./ M. Sc Applied Psychology 

To get an advanced level of understanding of varied nuances of applied psychology and to inherit the practical experience of it thereof, one can pursue an advanced degree in applied psychology. A master’s degree in applied psychology would help one envision a nuanced level of career in the field. 


Certificate Course in Implant Dentistry

A 12-month course on implant dentistry would ensure that the student is equipped with the vital knowledge of implant dentistry like diagnosis and treatment planning, surgical and final restorative stages, surgical therapies, and implant placement. 


Certificate Course in Aesthetic Laser Dentistry

This certificate course spans for a period of 12 months. It aims to facilitate the knowledge of laser dentistry and its practice to the students. Some of the key topics that this module includes are gingivectomy, periodontal plastic, aesthetic surgeries among many others. 


Certificate Programme on Dental Aligners

This course is exclusively offered by Manav Rachna in collaboration with 32 Watts Aligners Company. The total span of the course is 12 months. The aim is that students will be able to attempt and solve three clinical cases with aligners during the stretch of this course. 

Written By:- Ms. Shriyanshi Shukla, Content Writer

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