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Top 10 Mechanical Engineering jobs for Freshers

Mechanical engineering is a vast field of engineering, the scope of its specialization is in the field of production engineering, industrial engineering, design engineering, thermal engineering. A mechanical engineer has the opportunity to get a high-paying job in refineries, food processing, pharmacies, automobile, and aviation industries. The future and prospects of a mechanical engineer with sound knowledge of interdisciplinary subjects are highly in demand as per the need of the industry 4.0 revolution. With these in-built skills, a mechanical engineer can get the best job in the industry. Moreover, a degree along with a vocational degree of choice or master’s degree in a specialized course offers a lucrative package by top-notch industries. 

Defense Engineers:

Army also has a requirement of an engineer as there is always the need for building up new equipment, testing equipment, and conceptualize any future projects. There is immense scope for defense engineers as the job is high paying in nature and has immense growth opportunities too. 

Research and Development Engineer:

This job is one of the most preferred and is a highly paid job offered to students having a bent towards research. This profile requires immense exposure to engineering concepts, understanding of technical know-how, analysis, and synthesis of ideas. Good knowledge of related software like MATLAB, EXPERT, MINITABS, and other statistical tools for analysis is required along with computer-aided engineering like CAE, CATIA, ANSYS to conceptualize and design a product in a virtual environment without any investment in prototype and its validation.

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Product Design Engineer:

A design engineer is also a well-paid job profile similar to research and development engineering. This profile also requires design skills in a virtual environment where virtual models can be prepared with customer guidelines and reference standards. Considering precision and specialized training jobs, this domain is also well paid.

Sales and Marketing Engineer:

Sales and marketing is a target-based job and makes an organization functional by initiating business. Sales and marketing is a competitive profile where years of effort boost the profile and as the experience goes, it offers a good pay scale after a long experience of sales and marketing.

Tool Engineer:

Tool engineer is a specialized field of tool development where the tool engineer is responsible to develop tools for volume production/batch production of products. The products can be metallic, non-metallic, or polymeric. Tool engineer is an experience job profile as it requires precision and tolerance close to few microns. However, fresher with appreciable exposure can also join the profile with a sound knowledge of die steel materials, cutting tool material for cutting tool design, press tool design, jigs, and fixtures.

Production Engineer:

Production of different products comes under this domain and the engineer responsible to achieve the targets is the Production Engineer. As per the projection from the customer, the production engineer schedules production facilities to produce the desired volume. This domain is with the traditional approach of mechanical engineering.

Maintenance Engineer:

This domain of mechanical engineering deals with the repair and maintenance of machines and their accessories either on regular basis or at the time of breakdown. 

Quality Assurance:

This domain of mechanical engineering deals with the assurance of the quality of the product as per the guidelines of the customer or referred standards. This applies to the final product. Quality Assurance Engineers should know the latest quality standards that are being followed in the industries. 

Power Plant Engineer:

The job role of a power plant engineer entails the responsibility of repairing and maintaining multiple types of equipment of any industrial unit. After gaining a certain level of experience, they can also assist in managing the operations. Mechanical engineers can work in plans like fossil fuel power plants, nuclear cogeneration, and hydroelectric plants. 

Purchase Engineer: 

This domain of mechanical engineer deals with the arrangement of goods/services responsible for the smooth functioning of the organization. This domain interacts with all departments to fulfill their need without compromising the functionality.

As is evident, a wide range of high-paying jobs are available in the field of mechanical engineering. Thereby, this field is thriving with the best career opportunities. 


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