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Engaging Digitally: Learn Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is very engaging and compelling. It is embedded in every corner of our lives, and it’s going to stay for a long-long time!

In contrast with the traditional marketing, digital marketing is gaining popularity rapidly and constantly, offering opportunities to create and consume simultaneously. It offers a vast scope for young people who are planning to enter the world of digital marketing and careers related to it. As the world is turning digital, from start-ups to established corporates, companies across the world are looking for professionals with the knowledge of this skill.

Offers Plenty of Opportunities

You can even start your own online business or website.  There are numerous opportunities in this field whether you are working in-house or as a freelancer. Social media specialist, online reputation executive, content marketing executive and Web Analyst are some of the career prospects in this field.

With technology getting more advanced with time, digital marketing can be seen taking a front seat. Many people are making money with affiliate marketing, by starting their own blogs, starting their e-commerce business and exploring much more with the right knowledge and skills of the Digital Marketing. 

Gain Technical Skills Through Digital Marketing

Knowledge of Technical skills is really beneficial in marketing your business. In India, digital enthusiasts are increasing at a fast pace and digital marketing is becoming an effective tool to reach them, especially the youth. It is less costly than traditional marketing and easily accessible through mobiles and other hand-held devices. Looking at the current scenario, one can say that the future of digital marketing is bright and it is a doorway to various opportunities and success. Many universities are offering courses in Digital Marketing and have integrated with a degree in journalism.

Written By:- Mr. Rahul Joshi, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Media Studies and Humanities

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