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be a good radio presenter

Mantra for becoming a Pundit of Radio Journalism

Journalism is thriving in India despite digital disruptions. People still enjoy listeningand watching the news on radio and TV. It can be confidently said that Broadcast journalism is here to say, for a long time, especially the radio. It is flourishing in the form of FM and AIR news. We would obviously wonder if someone says that he or she doesn’t have a favourite radio station and a favourite RJ.

However, it takes the whole battery of professionals to produce radio shows and broadcast news. There are great career opportunities in the radio industry. From RJs to story producers, researchers, editors and sound engineers, radio offers a fascinating range of careers.

If you want to become a radio broadcaster, here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Nurture your passion: Only passion for journalism and communication can get you to the field. 
  2. Be Competitive: It is a competitive industry- especially broadcast journalism – you need to work hard as the field is very demanding. Every hour some new things are happening around the world so one has to catch up with the details.
  3. Knowledge: You should be knowledgeable about the topic and choose your area and beat wisely. You should keep abreast of the latest developments in the field. Reading newspapers and having informed opinions on the issues are very important.
  4. Great Communication Skills: You should have great communication skills to be a broadcaster. An RJ should be able to communicate any idea and thought to the audience with dexterity. 
  5. Writing skills: There is no substitute for writing skills. If you want to be a communicator, you must know the art of putting your words onto the paper.
  6. Sense of humour: It is like icing on the cake. The embellishment which can make you famous and rich. 
  7. Networking: Last but not the least, networking skills that can take you high on the success ladder.

If you have the right passion and talent, you can learn skills. These days many good universities are offering degree courses in Journalism and Mass Communication, which can provide the required skills and knowledge to be a successful RJ or a communicator. 

Written By:- Ms Geetika Vashishata, Assistant Professor, JMC, FMeH, MRIIRS

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