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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Automotive Engineering with specialization in Design

Automotive Engineering with specialization in Design

Automotive Design is the number one determinant for a customer while selecting automotive products. It is a process of creativity and innovation channelled towards the development of tradable automotive products and services in a multi-disciplinary manner that involves the sciences of materials technology, engineering, ergonomics and manufacturing. Manav Rachna International University at faculty of Engineering and Technology has launched a new Post Graduate programme in Automotive Engineering with specialization in design. The programme is designed to enable the graduate engineers with an engineering background to specialize their careers towards automotive engineering design.

The objective of the program is to strengthen the ability of the student to solve complex technological problems by creative designs with the help of software tools that enable them to easily craft and adjust the product’s emotional content through their designs. The programme will develop the skills of the student to work effectively in close collaboration within a multidisciplinary team and facilitates to develop R&D competency. Since India is a recognized hub of global automotive manufacturers, this course is committed to produce automotive engineers with creative capabilities and calibre to solve challenging problems and is in tune with current requirements of Auto Industry.

The programme includes courses such as Mobility Design I & II, Material Engineering, Vehicle

Dynamics, Automotive HVAC, Cabin Comfort and Ergonomics, Automotive Safety etc. The important feature of the programme is a 6 months Dissertation where in students can train themselves in the actual design centers of reputed companies such as JBM, Maruti, M&M etc. Some of the others universities those who are offering such programmes are DYPDC Center for Automotive Research and Studies, IIT Bombay, National Institute of Design etc. The important feature about the programme at MRIU is that along with design technical inputs will also be imparted to the candidate.

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