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advertising course benefits

Why should you pursue a course in Advertising?

Advertising is a subject of creativity and commitment. Advertising plays an important role in the daily life of people as it not only promotes awareness among social capitals but also it enhances the behavioral change in the consumers. This subject is very interesting and full of scientific approaches, thus, it’s better to say here that it is a backbone of management as it focuses on analysis, planning, control and decision making activities. As far as my opinion on advertising is concerned, it is a growing field of communication and Media, and I must say that advertising is a subject of extremely very wide scope and bright future as we are living in a world of commercialization or it’s better to say that our society has a great influence of LPG (Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization) and Advertising is associated with each and every part of LPG and society. 

Importance of Advertising in the Industry

Advertising is very much beneficial for the producers, traders, consumers and countries economy and that’s why it is in a great demand in global market and industries. Advertising is undoubtedly, unavoidable part of marketing without which the sale of a product or service it is almost not possible, the best way to build a brand positioning and creates product demand in the market is possible only due to advertising. Basically, everything that comes in the market must be known to the people, advertising has a key role in keeping the consumers informed and to attract potential buyers. Therefore, advertising can be considered as backbone of commercial media having unlimited employment opportunities and extensive job potential, certainly, it on top of the potential for salary growth. All those who offer the services or products must bring the service or product to the attention of persons in order to it’s necessary.

Career Opportunities in Advertising

Lastly, Advertising is a rising sun of management with endless scope and wide range of employment opportunities. Students must choose this subject for the bright growth and better professional future. Apart from traditional UG and PG courses, PG Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations is a one-year programme which equips students with the necessary skills to excel in the field.

Written By:- Dr. Abhishek K. Singh, Associate Professor, Faculty of Media Studies and Humanities

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