Workshop on Assessment of Learning Disability

On October 7th, 2023, a workshop titled ‘Assessment of Learning Disability’ by experts
from ‘SensAble ChiLd’ was organized by the School of Education & Humanities in
association with IQAC. The workshop provided a comprehensive understanding of
administering and interpreting screening checklists and tests for identifying Learning

Disabilities in children. Led by Dr. Shipra Gupta, the session covered checklists like SLD-
SQ and BCSLD, along with tests such as GLAD, DTLD, NIMHANS Index for SLD (revised),

and Schonell Graded Spelling Test. Dr. Gupta and her team engaged participants with
interactive activities, offering hands-on experience in applying, scoring, and
interpreting each test. Attendees had the opportunity to address queries, gaining clarity
on assessment interpretations. 14 faculty members attended the workshop from the
education department.