Training on Maintaining Quality processes in Hygiene and Sanitation

A training session on ‘Enhancing Hygiene and Sanitation Standards’ was organized by IQAC on
October 26th, 2023, led by Mr. M.K. Kaul, Associate Prof., School of Management & Commerce,
MRU The session initiated with an interactive discussion among housekeeping staff and peons
about their daily cleaning practices on the university premises. Participants actively shared
experiences and demonstrated their methods. Prof. Kaul provided valuable guidance,
highlighting ways to improve cleaning processes, emphasizing hygiene standards, and
demonstrating effective mopping techniques. Discussions also covered preparing suitable
cleaning solutions, safety precautions, and the importance of personal hygiene. The session
emphasized the risks associated with bacterial growth in waste. Prof. Kaul utilized visuals like
pictures and videos to enhance understanding. Overall, the session significantly enhanced staff
knowledge and skills, fostering a commitment to superior cleanliness and sanitation at the
university. A total of 42 housekeeping staff and peons have attended the session.