FDP – Pedagogical Interventions in light of NEP 2020

An extensive Faculty Development Program (FDP) focused on ‘Pedagogical
Interventions in line with National Education Policy 2020′ was held from October 9th
to 14th, 2023. The program aimed to impart insights into NEP 2020’s pedagogical
practices, offering practical teaching strategies and tools. Across twelve technical
sessions led by experts, diverse themes were covered, engaging participants in various
aspects of modern teaching methodologies.
Sessions covered Universal Design for Learning (UDL), competency-based assessment,
technology integration, collaborative learning, constructivist approaches, experiential
learning, interdisciplinary learning, culturally responsive pedagogy, critical and
reflective pedagogy, and integrating research in teaching. Each session delved into
practical applications and hands-on experiences, encouraging interactive discussions
and providing participants with valuable insights to enhance their teaching practices in
alignment with NEP 2020. 30 faculty members, HOD, and Deans attended the FDP from
Manav Rachna University.