Oral Hygiene Day,2022

An oral hygiene day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the department of Periodontology on August 2022 on 1st August 2022.

The department of Periodontology was decorated with rangoli and balloons at the onset.

The day started with the presentation forwarded by the head office by Dr Pooja Palwankar Dean Postgraduate studies, Prof and Head dept. of Periodontology for postgraduates, interns and students.

The painting competition was conducted on the theme `Oral Hygiene`. All the participants were given participation certificate. All the paintings were judged by the external faculty and winner was felicitated with the trophy and a winner certificate

Photography competition was organized on the theme “Gum care for tooth care”. The event was judged by external faculty and winner was given trophy along with certificate.

Dental quiz was organized keeping in view, the holistic development of students. Total 10 teams showed active participation having 3 students each. Total five rounds were conducted in first round three teams were eliminated so seven teams qualified for second round, and then 3 teams were eliminated so that 4 teams qualified for final round. Questions were based on general knowledge, dentistry and periodontology. Winning team received trophy and certificates.

Cake cutting ceremony was done by the chief guest Dean FAHS, Dr M.A Rizvi in presence of all faculty members. The winners for all events were felicitated by the chief guest. Certificate of merit was given to the meritorious students for scoring highest marks in periodontology subject in BDS and MDS.

Patient survey on oral hygiene awareness was done in order to educate the patients. They were educated and motivated using GSK sponsored plaque detecting device along with video presentation organized by department itself on oral hygiene methods, in the OPD area. All the patients were given free samples of desensitizing tooth pastes etc.

Game of chance was conducted using all dental and periodontology subject words in which interns, faculty and undergraduates participated.

An online feedback form was sought to all the participants.

The program concluded with vote of thanks to all the participants, faculty and housekeeping staff by the Professor and Head of Department.