Online Guest Lecture on “”Decoding Hypothesis Testing: Revealing The Insights”

Event Details:

Title: Decoding Hypothesis Testing: Revealing The Insights

Date: 19th August 2023

Speaker: Dr. Shivoham Singh

Coordinator: Dr. Animesh Singh 

Audience: PhD Scholars 

School of Management and Commerce of Manav Rachna University organized an online guest lecture on “Decoding Hypothesis Testing: Revealing the Insights” for Ph.D. scholars on 19th August 2023. The lecture aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of hypothesis testing, a fundamental statistical concept widely used in research and academia. The speaker for the session was Dr. Shivoham Singh, a recognized expert in the field of statistics.

Dr. Shivoham Singh commenced the lecture by elucidating the significance of hypothesis testing in the research domain. He highlighted how hypothesis testing helps researchers make informed decisions about population parameters based on sample data. The lecture was designed to be interactive, encouraging participants to ask questions and share their insights.

The main points covered in the lecture were:

  • Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing
  • Steps in Hypothesis Testing
  • Types of Errors
  • Interpreting Results
  • Real-world Applications

The lecture was highly interactive, with more than 20 PhD scholars actively participating. Participants asked questions, sought clarifications, and shared their research experiences related to hypothesis testing. Dr. Singh addressed each query thoughtfully, fostering a dynamic learning environment.


The online guest lecture on “Decoding Hypothesis Testing: Revealing The Insights” delivered by Dr. Shivoham Singh and coordinated by Dr. Animesh Singh was a resounding success. The event succeeded in enhancing the participants’ comprehension of hypothesis testing, equipping them with valuable insights applicable to their research pursuits. The lecture not only provided a solid foundation in statistical concepts but also facilitated collaborative learning and critical thinking among the attending PhD scholars.