First Industrial Visit Report: Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

Date: 21/07/2023

Venue: Industry Visit to Moon beverages (Coca Cola bottling Plant) Greater Noida

MRU-School of Management and Commerce organized an Industry Visit to Moon beverages (Coca Cola bottling Plant) Greater Noida on 21st July 2023.

Moon Beverages started with manufacturing of soft drinks THUMBS UP, LIMCA, MAAZA, RIMZHIM, BISLERI, SODA GOLD SPOT under arrangement with Parle. However in 1994 the company became the authorized bottler of Coca Cola Atlanta, USA and started manufacturing and distribution of Coca Cola, Limca, Sprite, Maaza, Thumbs UP, Fanta, Minute Maid, Coke Zero & Kinley.

The visit began at 10: 45 am and the students were briefed by Miss Richa and her team about the organization.They were made aware of the Journey of the brand since its inception. The students were later taken around the shop floor. The students saw the fully automatic bottling line for Mazza beverage in action. The working of the complex machines and the manner in which quality is ingrained in every aspect of the business process was a learning process for the students.The students were also shown the syrup storage and purification system used in the plant.

The students had some interesting time in the Coca Cola museum where they witnessed the time capsules of the brand in the form of the iconic bottle designs over the century. They were also apprised about various CSR activities undertaken by the brand in the form of sustainable business practices and brands contribution in the field of primary education in Indian villages.

The students then attended a Q&A session followed by an activity designed for them e The visit concluded with refreshing soft drinks being manufactured in the plant offered to the students . 

Second Industrial Visit Report: Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

Date: 23/08/2023

Venue: Industry Visit to Moon beverages (Coca Cola bottling Plant) Greater Noida


The industrial visit to the Coca-Cola bottling plant was organized by the School of Management and Commerce, MRU on 23 Aug 2023. The visit aimed to provide students with insights into the manufacturing processes, quality control measures, and sustainability initiatives undertaken by one of the world’s leading beverage companies, Coca-Cola. Dr. Rashi Banerji, Assistant Professor, SMC  and Dr. Shivoham Singh, Associate Professor, SMC accompanied 50 students of BBA and MBA to the visit.


To understand the bottling and packaging processes of Coca-Cola products.

To observe the implementation of quality control measures in a real-world manufacturing environment.

To learn about the company’s sustainability practices and initiatives.

To gain practical knowledge about supply chain and distribution strategies.

Visit Highlights:


  1. Manufacturing Processes:

During the visit, participants were taken through each step of the manufacturing process for Coca-Cola products. This included the preparation of syrups, carbonation, mixing, and the bottling/packaging stages. The knowledgeable guides explained the precision involved in maintaining consistent taste and quality across different batches.


  1. Quality Control Measures:

The Coca-Cola plant emphasized its stringent quality control measures. Students were shown how the company uses advanced technology for quality testing, including taste analysis, carbonation levels, and packaging integrity. The adherence to international quality standards was evident, highlighting the company’s commitment to delivering a consistent product to consumers.


  1. Sustainability Initiatives:

The sustainability efforts of Coca-Cola were a major focus of the visit. The plant showcased its water conservation practices, recycling initiatives, and efforts to reduce the carbon footprint. Participants gained insights into the company’s use of eco-friendly packaging materials and its commitment to becoming a water-neutral company.


  1. Supply Chain and Distribution:

The visit also covered the supply chain and distribution strategies employed by Coca-Cola. Participants learned about the optimization of distribution routes, inventory management, and the importance of maintaining a seamless supply chain to ensure products reach consumers on time.



The industrial visit to the Coca-Cola bottling plant provided valuable insights into the beverage manufacturing industry, quality control standards, and sustainability practices. Students gained a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in producing and distributing beverages on a global scale. The visit served as an excellent opportunity to bridge theoretical knowledge with practical applications and to witness firsthand the operations of an industry leader like Coca-Cola. We extend our gratitude to the management and staff of the Coca-Cola bottling plant for their hospitality and informative sessions during the visit. Their willingness to share knowledge and experiences greatly contributed to the success of this industrial visit.