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Research Publications of RIC’s


  1. Srijit Biswas, Sunita Bansal, Anjali Gupta (2017) ‘Neutrosophic Group Decision for Modeling of Post Earthquake Disaster Assessment’; ‘Engineering Science and Technology: An International Journal (ESTIJ)’ Volume 7 Number 2, pp 1-8, Mar-Apr 2017.
  2. Srijit Biswas, Anjali Gupta (2017) ‘Environmental Ranking of Landfill Sites Among n-Alternatives’; ‘Engineering Science and Technology: An International Journal (ESTIJ)’ Volume 7 Number 2, pp 20-26, Mar-Apr 2017.
  3. Sunita Bansal, Srijit Biswas, S.K. Singh(2017), ‘FUZZY DECISION APPROACH FOR SELECTION OF MOST SUITABLE CONSTRUCTION METHOD OF GREEN BUILDINGS’, International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment, ISSN: 2212-6090, Elsevier, Status: Accepted
  4. Ismita Singh (2017),Virtual Reality: A communication tool for educating Architecture Subjects, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (IJSER), ISSN 2229-5518 ,Accepted
  5. Ismita Singh (2017),”Improving the Academic Performance of weak students in Technical Education Quality Improvement program through an equity action plan: Guidance Brief” ,International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (IJSER), ISSN 2229-5518 ,Accepted
  6. Ismita Singh (2017)”,Architecture Movement Impact on Architecture Education”, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (IJSER), ISSN 2229-5518 ,Accepted
  7. Srijit Biswas,  Anjali Gupta : ‘Selection of suitable site for a dam using advance fuzzy logic’; Advances in Fuzzy Mathematics (AFM)’, (Accepted) (April-2017) (UGC Approved Journal)
  8. Srijit Biswas, Sunita Bansal, Anjali Gupta: ‘Neutrosophic fuzzy approach for assessment of  health hazardous of ragpickers’, Communicated to“International Journal of Technology” (IJTech) (March-2017)

Paper presented 

  1. Ismita Singh presented her paper on “Interrelation, Transactions and Experiential Outcome: Learning in Architecture Design Studio“ in EPITOME ‘ 2017,International Conference organized by Amity School of Architecture and Planning, on 3rd March, 2017.
  2. Sunita Bansal, Dr. Anil Gupta, Ms. Geeta Kapur, Dr. Tanuja Joshi, “The Paris Agreement, the key outcome of COP 21: Impression for the Energy Sector specifically the Hydropower” HYDRO 2016, Montreaux, Switzerland.


  1. Mohit Kumar , Shilpa S. Chapadgaonkar , Atul Thatai, ‘A Retrospective Cytogenetic Study of Chromosomal Abnormalities in Infertile Couples of Indian Origin’ Der Pharmacia Lettre 9 (4), 44-56
  2. Girisha Malhotra, Rajkumari Jeshreena And Shilpa S Chapadgaonkar,  ‘Aqueous Two Phase Purification Of Xylanase Obtained From A Bacterial Isolate’ Int J Pharm Bio Sci 2016 Oct; 7(4): (B) 305 – 308. (Scopus Indexed SJR 0.329 )
  3. Rashmi Rameshwari, Shilpa S. Chapadgaonkar And T.V. Prasad ‘Visualization Of Apoptotic Network Using Bioinformatics Tool’, Asian Jr. Of Microbiol. Biotech. Env. Sc. Vol. 18, No. (3) : 2016 : 679-684. (Scopus Indexed NAAS rating 3.07, SJR 0.11)
  4. Pushpa  C. Tomar,Tanya Kalra, Harisha Kohli (2017). Bioethics: A Review,World journal of pharmaceutical research 6(1): 216-226.
  5. Pushpa C.Tomar , N.Mishra and Charu Rajpal (2017). Effect of Cadaverine on Protein Profiling of Brassica Juncea (Rh-30) Seedlings Under Multiple Stress. 6(3): 49-63.
  6. Vijayalakshmi and Abhilasha Shourie (2016), ‘Remedial effect of ascorbic acid and citric acid on oxidative browning of Glycyrrhiza glabra callus cultures’, BioTechnologia ISSN: 0860-7796, Vol. 97(3), pp. 179-186.
  7. Vijayalakshmi and Abhilasha Shourie (2016), ‘Cinnamic acid Supplementation Regulates the Production of Licochalcone A, Liquirtigenin and Licoisoflavone B in Glycyrrhiza glabra Callus Cultures’, International Journal of Phytomedicine, ISSN: 0975-0185, Vol 8, pp 343-352.
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