Teams from the Ministry of Urban Development, GOI and Municipal Corporation, Faridabad reaches out to Manav Rachna Students to facilitate the ‘Life Projects of Smart City’ initiative

‘Life Project of Smart City’ will soon be commencing in the Faridabad City. Teams from Ministry of Urban Development and Municipal Corporation, Faridabad visited Manav Rachna campus here today. These teams shared their plan for the first phase with the Students of Manav Rachna. In this phase, further plans will be worked on, based on the survey that will be conducted. Present on the occasion were Mr. Munish Pandit from Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India; Mr. D.R. Bhaskar, Superintendent Engineer, Municipal Corporation of Faridabad; Mr. Sarit Sachdev, HOD, Department of Biotech, FET; Dr. Anjali Krishnan Sharma, Dean, Department of Planning and Architecture; Prof. Jatinder Saigal, Design Chair, MRIU.

While briefing the audience about the project, Mr. D.R Bhaskar, Superintendent Engineer, Municipal Corporation of Faridabad, said, “The survey will be carried out in the first phase of the project. For this reason, 6 different teams from Manav Rachna have been allotted to conduct the survey. While the first team will carry out the survey in the areas near the railway and metro station of Old Faridabad, the second team will prepare a report on the developments at Barahi Talab area. Furthermore, the third team will organize a feasibility report on the Badkal Lake area whereas the fourth team will conduct a survey near the Badkal Lake, for creating a green belt around the area. A survey on ways to reduce the traffic at the dividing road of Sector 19 and 28 and Sector -21 A and 21 D, Faridabad, will also be conducted.” This survey will be posted on the website of the Govt. of India and suggestions from the masses will be taken into consideration before preparing the final design. Not only that, the teams comprising the students of Manav Rachna will be presenting a report on this project in the next 4 days and would also be providing their support later in the design process.