Social Enterprise “Celebrating Freedom” launched by Manav Rachna alumni makes its place in the Government’s ambitious youth start-up initiative

Photo 3 “Celebrating Freedom’, an ambitious enterprise by a team of seven Biotechnology alums of Manav Rachna International University (MRIU) was formally launched today at the MRIU campus with a thought-provoking cultural ensemble on the theme of Celebrating Freedom.

Dr. S M Sharma, Retd. Director, ICAR; Dr. N C Wadhwa, Vice Chancellor, MRIU; Dr. M K Soni, ED & Dean, FET, MRIU; Dr. Sarita Sachdeva, HOD-Biotechnology, MRIU; among representatives from various NGOs like Goonj and NAAZ Foundation were present on the occasion.

Celebrating Freedom is an organization which works towards utilizing the talent amongst youth and passionate citizens to raise resources and materials for other non-profit and non-governmental organizations. The idea of this was approved at the ‘Centre of Innovation’ and has made its place in the Government’s ambitious youth start-up initiative. The enterprise has also been shortlisted for funding from the PMO initiative.

The core team of Celebrating Freedom is a Group of seven biotechnology Engineers led by Natasha Sharma, came from different places in India, different roots and different backgrounds but graduated from one college Manav Rachna International University. “It was at MRIU that we all got together and thought of starting our own enterprise. Manav Rachna had brought us together and that is the reason we chose MRIU campus for our grand launch”, informs Natasha Sharma.

Celebrating Freedom caters to various causes that NGOs world over are fighting for. It helps in aiding them with substantial material through creative means by utilizing youth talent. It gives cultural and entertainment sources to audiences by motivating the youth in pursuing their talents and eventually helps non-profit organizations to fulfill their deficit of aid like blood banks, raw materials, employment, human resource , platelets, organ donations, free health checks, and much more.

While applauding the alumni for their success, Dr. N C Wadhwa said: “We are very proud of the fact that our alumni members have chosen this campus as the launch ground for their ambitious venture. They have set an example for every other student to follow their dreams. This humanitarian project is also a true reflection of Manav Rachna’s ethos of creating better human beings”.

Dr. S M Sharma also praised the students for using their knowledge and expertise for the betterment of the society.