Resurrection 2K16’s EDM Night at Manav Rachna with Sunburn Campus witnessed top International DJ Candice Redding as well as Indian DJ Shaan captivating the young crowd

pic-1-ressurectionResurrection 2K16 entered its Second Day at Manav Rachna campus  offering a whole new musical experience to the young at heart. It was EDM (Electronic Dance Music) night and the crowd could hardly contain its excitement. With Sunburn Campus at Resurrection 2K16, the audience got to soak in some electrifying music that got them swaying and dancing to the beats. While Top international DJ Candice Redding whipped up a storm with her brand of music and evoked a sense of awe, adding that global touch as she struck an instant chord with the audience, DJ Shaan brought in an element of surprise what with the progressive beats and dynamic sounds he created on stage. With over 10, 000 students, delirious with excitement, rocked to the futuristic beats, as the brilliant spectrum of stage pyrotechnics and robust sounds held students in thrall. It was pure magic, to say the least. Earlier on in the second day of Resurrection 2K 16, the Campus came alive with multifarious activities, as participants showcased their talent in Graffiti, Western Dance (both solo and group), Classical Solo Dance, Street Play, Street Soccer (in which 16 Teams put their best feet forward), Mono acting and a Games quiz that got the participants trying their best to outdo one another. Besides the home Teams from Manav Rachna, participants from institutions like Maitreyi College, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, College of Vocational Studies, GTBIT, to name a few, took part with great gusto and zeal.

With much happening at the Campus from morning till night, the FEST fever reached its peak with Sunburn Campus’ EDM night!