Projects developed by students of Manav Rachna on display at the Haryana pavilion of IITF 2015

IMG-20151114-WA0036Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI) are a regular partner of Government of Haryana at the India International Trade Fair (IITF) held at PragatiMaidan, New Delhi every year. Students and faculty of Manav Rachna have been displaying best practices in education along with several award winning innovative projects at the Haryana Pavilion of IITF.

Keeping up with the tradition, unique projects developed by students of Manav Rachna Innovation & Incubation Centre (MRIIC) are being showcased at the Haryana Pavilion of IITF 2015. These include the Smart Skull (a device that alerts family members in case the wearer meets with an accident);Respiron (provides tools and personalized services to better understand and manageasthma); Smart Extension Board (A Bluetooth controlled extension board); Scheduler;Hap Tic Gaming Gun (A gaming gun controller for playing PC games); Two-Wheel Drive Bicycle and a Play Robot (This robot can be controlled using a mobile phone application).

This year’s theme of “Make in India” figures prominently in the display. Manav Rachna International University is the only University to showcase its projects at the Haryana Pavilion!

While appreciating the innovative zeal of students at MREI, Dr. Prashant Bhalla, President-MREI said: “Our mission is to support multi-disciplinary research and development in the fields of engineering, biotechnology and physical sciences. IITF provides great opportunities for young minds to display their innovative solutions. Manav Rachna has tried to provide all the necessary facilities for students to come out with novel ideas and convert them into products. Quite expectedly, several products from MRIIC will find their way into the market with MREI being known by the ingenuity of these creations.”