MRIU organized a National Debate on Anti-Ragging and Eradication of Ragging

IMG_9051Ragging in all its forms and consequences was the subject of a National Debate organized by Manav Rachna International University (MRIU) at its campus today. The event was graced by Sh.Subhash Yadav, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Faridabad;Dr N.C. Wadhwa, Vice Chancellor-MRIU; Dr.R.K.Khar, Principal-BSA Institute of Pharmacy Faridabad; Professor D.S.Gotra, Proctor-MRIU;  Professor I.K. Kilam, Dean, Students Welfare-MREI; among others senior dignitaries. The Debate provided a perfect platform for dignitaries and speakers to sensitize students about ragging and apprise them of the anti-ragging measures that have been implemented at the MRIU campus. In his welcome address, Prof. D.S. Gotrasaid:“Ragging is a punishable offence. It has turned into a social evil, destroying students’ careers and lives.” He talked at length about the Supreme Court’s role in framing anti-ragging measures, about UGC’s regulations on curbing the menace along with states issuing ordinances for taking up ragging as a serious issue in the higher institutions of learning. He also informed the gathering about Manav Rachna’s anti ragging committees, squads, monitoring cells and CCTV coverage of ragging prone zones.

IMG_9051Speaking on the occasion, Chief Guest Shri Subhash Yadav cited relevant case studies of students whose lives went awrydueto ragging. He said further, “Ragging can range from being a minor to a criminal offence and requested students to be decent and civilized in conduct, be it when they are “breaking ice” with new entrants or dealing with their classmates or juniors. “Good and sublime thoughts should rule your life. Let your early life not be tainted by ragging and the negativity it incites,” he added. Guest Speaker Dr R.K. Khar, praised the University for creating a platform for discussing the issue of ragging where the opinions of senior and junior students would help eradicate the problem. Professor Khar said, “Ragging is a form of human rights abuse expressed in a forceful and persuasive manner. The Indian perspective has been outlined by the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Ragging generates a sense of shame and it is a psycho-social problem. Once we host seminars of this stature, we are taking care of imparting education in a free environment.”

Dr N.C. Wadhwa, echoed his thoughts:“Our intention is to create a conducive ambience in the campus to make students’ academic life rich and sound.” He also praised senior students for ensuring that MRIU is a ragging free campus. Dr N.C. Wadhwa also encouraged students to take up their problems with their HODs, mentors or deans and invited them to walk into his office should they seek his counsel. The event also witnessed a nukkadnatak called ‘Ragging ekApradh’ being staged by the students which reinforced the evils of ragging all the more.

In his closing address, Professor I.K. Kilam hoped that this event would help energise the youth towards the path of harmony and self-confidence.