MRIU Celebrates World Physiotherapy Day

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Faculty of Applied Science, Manav Rachna International University celebrates World Physiotherapy Day

World Physiotherapy Day is celebrated on September 8 every year. It is an opportunity for physical therapists all over the world to raise awareness about the crucial role their profession plays in making and keeping people well, mobile and independent.

In keeping with the significance of the day, Faculty of Applied Science (FAS), Manav Rachna International University (MRIU) organized World Physiotherapy Day today, bringing together experts from the world of academia, professionals and research organizations for sharing knowledge, expertise and experience on the recent trends. The theme for the event was ‘Fulfilling Potentials’ in accordance with the global standards.

Dr Jonathan Marc, renowned rehabilitation Physiotherapist was the invited Speaker, among other senior dignitaries and guests that included Dr N.C. Wadhwa, Vice Chancellor, MRIU; Dr V.K. Mahna, Pro-Vice Chancellor, MRIU; and Professor Dr G.L. Khanna, Dean, FAS, MRIU. The event which included talks on latest trends in physiotherapy and Health Sciences, also witnessed extensive discussions and action plans to spread awareness about physiotherapy and to take physiotherapy services to the masses. This was followed by an academic competition for FAS students and a light cultural program where students performed dances, skits and songs to add colour and joy to the meaningful occasion.

The screening of a Documentary on Special Children put together by BPT 3rd Semester students was greatly lauded by everyone present. A nukkadnatak staged by BPT 3rd and 1st Semester students was the highlight of the event.

Addressing the students, Dr. N C Wadhwa said, “Physiotherapy has evolved over the years and concerns itself with the welfare and wellness of society. Physiotherapists are the best persons to remove problems relating to ageing, accidents, disasters and damage. It is today a specialized field that is at par with medicine and surgery. As an interdisciplinary disciplinary science, its importance has increased by leaps and bounds.”

Dr Jonathan Marc in his Expert talk expounded on the role of Physiotherapists in day to day life and their need to “embrace health” to provide healthcare services to patients. He added further, “You should have a genuine desire to cure people and support their change.” Dr Jonathan also raised issues pertaining to “compassion fatigue” which he said relates to secondary traumatic stress and the need for patience to handle patients of all age groups. He also stressed that the role of Physiotherapy has become all the more significant considering the recent spurt in lifestyle diseases, in that, Diabetes Type 2, cancer and stroke need physiotherapy than ever before.

To mark the occasion, the Department had also organized a free health camp at Grand Vista Apartments, Sec 21-C for the benefit of the community at large. Camp was also organised for all Manav Rachna employees. The camp covered various parameters of health including Cardiovascular Health Profiling: Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, E.C.G; Anemia Profiling: Hemoglobin; Muscular and Fitness Profiling: Flexibility and Strength Testing; Obesity Profiling: Body fat percentage and Nutrition Counselling; Diabetes Profiling: Random Blood Sugar; Respiratory Function Profiling: Spirometry. Around 200 people benefited from the camp.