Mega Blood Donation Camp at Manav Rachna in memory of Dr O.P. Bhalla on his 3rd death anniversary unites Manav Rachna family towards common good

To commemorate his third death anniversary, Manav Rachna family paid homage to Founder Visionary Dr. O. P Bhalla by organizing a Mega Blood Donation Camp at the Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI) Campus here today. In keeping with the tradition of paying homage to his missionary passion for societal upliftment, Manav Rachna family organized the Blood Donation Camp under the aegis of Dr. O P Bhalla Foundation in association with the Lions Club, Rotary Club, Faridabad Central; and Rotary Club Arth. 1208 units of blood was collected from this Mega Blood Donation camp.

14264109_1098325336883317_4636180975968062451_nHon’ble Shri Vipul Goel, Cabinet Minister, Haryana Govt. (Ministries of Industry & Commerce, Environment and Industrial Training) was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Smt Satya Bhalla, Chief Patron, MREI; Dr Prashant Bhalla, President, MREI; Dr Amit Bhalla, Vice President, MREI; Dr N.C. Wadhwa, Vice Chancellor, MRIU; Dr Sanjay Srivastava, Vice Chancellor, MRU; Faridabd Navchetna Trust Trustees Shri H.K. Batra, Shri K.C. Lakhani, Shri Narender Gupta, Shri Navdeep Chawla, Shri S.K. Kapoor; as also Lion H.S. Banga; Shri S.K. Syal, CEO, Bharti Realty among others also graced the occasion.

The day began with floral tributes at ‘Prerna Sthal’ where the magnificent statute of Dr O.P. Bhalla was bedecked with flowers and petals. Melodious bhajans by the students of Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood, further added to the solemnity of the occasion. In harmony with Manav Rachna’s tradition of invoking the blessings of the Almighty, a Havan ceremony was also held at the campus.

14344248_1098325333549984_5676408663705534644_nInaugurating the Blood Donation Camp, Hon’ble Cabinet Minister Shri Vipul Goel said: “I am deeply overwhelmed by the dedication and compassion shown by the Manav Rachna family towards the cause of Blood Donation in commemorating Dr O.P. Bhalla’s exemplary mission towards societal good. By volunteering to donate blood, members of the Manav Rachna family have shown what it means to have a large heart and lend unconditional support to help save lives.

Dr Prashant Bhalla, President, MREI, was equally effusive in praise, as he said, “The generosity and zeal of our students in donating blood gives me immense pride for it enshrines the values that we have been inculcating among them. The Blood Donation camp organized every year, is a tribute to our Founder Father Dr O.P. Bhalla, who made it his life’s mission to dedicate himself towards societal improvement in spheres such as health, education, development of housing societies and the like. In many ways, the Blood Donation camp symbolises his philanthropic mission as we pledge to sustain Dr. O.P. Bhalla’s legacy and continue our journey.